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Brown Halora

Otherworldly eagles, deadly hunters

The Brown Halora, named because of it's initial discovery near salt marshes, is by no doubt without equal in the galaxy. The piscetarian species seems to have developed a basic control of fire. Teams have been delegated to the construction of a world-spanning barrier [Operation Sentinel] such that the Halora can develop independent of drone interference during terraforming.
– Report on Terraforming on Clara, received 2471 A.D. on Earth
  The Brown Halora, a eagle-like organism that inhabits Clara (HD 69830d.1), is the only organism besides humanity to have verifiably evolved sentience. It was first discovered by an Outrider-class terraforming drone named Trosulia, and subsequently remote observation began for the next year. After the year, the Drone Command unanimously declared it sentient, and ordered plans to be made to allow it to develop independently of terraforming interference. The Dome of Light was thus established.

Basic Information


The bird is an upright-standing fisher like the great blue heron, and has a similar body structure. A difference is that the bird is relatively large, making it similarly a relatively bad flier. Gripping claw-hands are also observed on the wings. In the beginning, the limbs are theorized to have been developed by the birds were to make it relatively easier for chicks and adults to climb tall objects to escape threats.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Two populations: one outside the Dome of the Sky, one inside. The Brown Halora, being a land-based bird, has populated much of the landmass on both sides of the Dome of the Sky: both the potentially human side and the wild side. According to Marin et. al, the Halora has anatomically modern fossils dating back over one million years before domefall. (Marin et. al, 1261)

Average Intelligence

The Halora's intelligence is similar to, if not surpassing humans. With its analogous wings and legs to humans, it is a skilled user of tools, having tamed fire some nine hundred thousand years ago according to archaelogical surveys done by Volantes et. al. (Volantes et. al, 1252).

Civilization and Culture

Average Technological Level

Hold on, I think I see a crude fire burning. Yes, this is Outrider Kilo-751, in the Papa Bravo quadrangle. Hold on, holy ███████████████████████████! That's a massive nest! Kilo-751 to Zulu Echo, we have probable sentience.
– Archived transmission from discovery
  At discovery, the birds were at an equivalent to the early human stone age, making simple spears which they used to impale their prey, and starting to use fire to cook food. By Domefall, they were at a medieval equivalent, and subsequently traded with the human population on the other side.


Being first observed in salt marshes, it was subsequently determined independently by archaeologists from the robotic and avian sides that it likely originated in the kava forests beside the sea in the present-day Eurus Gate.   After moving out of the forests into marshes and savanna approximately three million years ago, they got an environment where fire was less catastrophic, leading to the development of fire and fire-hardened tools, which they used with great effect when group-hunting.

Scientific Name
Aquilan bruna sapiens
50-100 years
Conservation Status
Least Concern
Average Height
1.15 - 1.65 m
Average Weight
30-40 kg
Average Length
3.15 m
Related Myths
Related Materials

Trosulia, Outrider Drone
~300,000 B.D, 2361 A.D. (Earth)

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