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Port Nora

Port Nora, eventually becoming one of the largest settlements in Halorin history, is simply massive. Birds, sitting on ships, leave and arrive at port several times a day, along with other birds that simply like to use their own wings. We are in awe at the sheer scale of this operation.
  Port Nora, a coast town in Southern Zentland, was named after the original, legendary Nora, as a gift to her from her husband. The port town has grown, and as the capital of all Kalian gates that are part of the United Gates Under Heaven, Port Nora is a center of power, wealth, and administration.

Natural Resources

The area around Kalia is rich with history. In the northeast, closer to the Salt Range, there is the oft-studied and worshipped Kava forests, growing out of the swamp below it. Through the town flows the Rouge River, which is a major source of water and fish. Around to the west is grassland, now cleared for agricultural purposes. Throughout, there is copper, stone, and other minerals around which the settlement developed.

Alternative Name(s)
Eurus Perch, New Kalia
Large city
Inhabitant Demonym

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