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Traditional November: A Contest About Honoring Heritage

Come on it’s a family tradition - Annoying Relative
  Tradition, a event that is past down from generation to generation as a means to preserve cultures around the world. There are the ones that everyone takes apart of and the ones that are often just for a select few in close knit groups. It doesn’t matter if you love it or hate it because your stuck with it as long as you decided to socialize with other. The other option is to just be a hermit and head to Antarctica to live out your day in solitude doing you own thing. Of course you should think about the harsh weather conditions and the carnivorous wild life before you decide to go that route my friend. But you will often have one of these traditions that you tend to like more than any other to make it easier to bear with life a little more.   Now that out of the way let’s get down to business with this challenge. The task is simple, make you own tradition that you might enjoy or despise if want, it can be just a fun little custom or a big old holiday ‘‘tis the season and all. Just be sure to add a date if its only once year or all year around. Now just be sure not to get too festive as it can become festive and get out of hand should you end up like that. I really don’t feel like being responsible for causing holiday madness anytime soon. So get out there and show me what your culture does to celebrate and enjoy themselves during that special time of the year.  

Gift of Giving

  Once more you will be get another badge made by me for all of your hard work and thrown into a pile with the rest badges. Of course consider this a warm up for WorldEmber too since it’s next month and don’t tell me you wouldn’t a little edge to get your head in the game. But for know just get yourself into the holiday feels as it’s just that time of the year might as well get on with it.    
  • Articles must be dated during the challenge!
  • The article must be public and published. Only one can be done per person!
  • Use the Tradition article.
  • English is preferred, it can be translated if written in another language
  • No minimum, no maximum! ( Just don't let it drag on for too long).
  • There will be nothing racial or bigotry in the story but mark your work as NSFW or give a warning if using dark tones and themes for your tale as many originals are, no need to make them too unpleasant.
  • Place your article in the comments and the challenge article in your article to spread the word.
  • Must be sent by November 30th before Midnight and no asking for an extended deadline!


  Well, when I started this contest, I really thought that there would be a lot more people that would try and touch up before W.E. started, but then I realized that it was the holiday season, and my chances were pretty much fifty-five. So I don't believe that I won't be doing it again unless my chances are much easier to deal with, but for those who did participate, your badge is waiting for you, and thank you for sharing your traditions with everyone. P.S. I was waiting until next year to finally give it out to avoid distracting everyone.

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