You should behave more often young man or you might attract a Snark with it and they are not good company to he - Mother scolding her son


A Snark is something so horrifying that no dares utter its name in case one decides to show it. To understand what one is one must know the reason why people are afraid of them so much. They are considered small people that are considered the ugliest things that anyone can ever imagine. They are so ugly that it terrifies people and do get me started about the smell which is said to be able to make flowers wilt and make birds drop dead from the sky. The worst thing they can do is smile as they have horrible teeth that can cause anyone who sees them run away at the awful sight of them. Another thing about them is that they have the worst behavior imaginable often acting rude and have no regard for manners at all, being terrible guests to anyone who has them for company. The longer one stays in a place the more unpleasant they become and misfortune will often fall upon those who are around them.   Snarks are often around for several reasons, they find something they have lost, when they are very hungry, and children starting to misbehave. The reason they are attracted to misbehaving children is that they like how they act since Snarks act the same way. This will often cause a Snark to stick around these troublesome children for a long while. Of course, this eventually ends with the misbehaving child being terrified of having such an ugly creature following them around all the time and learning they were wrong to behave like they did and decided to turn a new leaf. Those that don't will eventually become a Snark themselves once they begin to eat the food they like to eat often disgusting things that Snark likes to eat like bugs and fungus. There are only a few ways that you can get rid of one, clean water as they do not bath and begin to shrink if they do, give them an onion which they don't like as it makes them cry, and to show them their reflection which will terrify them for how ugly they look. Once a Snark leaves it is often for good as they often get tired of being in one place after a while. Making them one of few creatures that no one ever wants to meet.


The story of the Snarks is spread across Ardania that every parent knows and every child ever told is afraid of.

Variations & Mutation

Snarks vary from region to region in Ardania about how terrible they look and why they are like that in the first place. Along with where they like to live varying from swamps to living under rocks.

Cultural Reception

In Ardania, Snarks are often a wise warning to what happens if people forget how to be kind and be respectful to all around them or end up like a disgusting creature that no one likes to have around. Especially when it comes to children as they have to learn how to behave or they will just end up as rude and terrible people later on in life.

In Literature

There are at least several tales that involve Snarks and a song called The Snark that is very childish but a catchy song nonetheless.
Date of First Recording
397 BCA
Related Tellings The Snark

Superstitious Tradition

  The truth is many people, often those of the lower class believe that Snarks actually exist and will often try to find ways to ensure that they never come near their lifetime. Often by keeping their homes clean as Snarks are attracted to filth. Along with having a musician in town at all times as Snarks do not like music. Along with many other things that don't make a lot of sense at all, but they still do it anyway in hopes they do not have one coming along and entering their homes.

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