The Snark

All was quiet throughout the town.
Until a Snark came down looking for his crown.
He walked the streets all covered in brown.
From all the mud on the ground.
But on his face, he had a terrible frown.
That would turn the whole town upside down.
As he constantly yammered about all his woes.
As much as he clamored until the whole town arose.
They all tried their best to calm him down.
But all they got from him was a frown.
Which made them all let out a terrible shriek.
Until they realized they smelled how he reeked.
As if he did not bathe for a week.
He said he would not leave until his crown was found.
So all the people throughout the town began to look all around.
They looked down in the alleyways and upon the roofs, but it could not be found.
They went to the snark and told him the was proof it was even here.
They told him that he must have had done goof for his crown was not here.
But the Snark did not listen for he said that he went through town before.
It was on his brow all nice and sound as walk down the street.
He only did realize that he had lost after he tripped on his feet.
For when it fell off his brow it rolled back to town.
But the people did not care and began to scold the Snark.
For they were up a night in search of it and thought this was just for a lark.
They the mayor who was so bold told him to be off.
Away I say, away I say.
Away with you nasty snark
Away with you and your raspy bark.
For your crown was never even here.
So it is best if you if steer clear you hear of this peaceful town.
Then Snark gave them an ugly sneer from what he just heard.
For he knew came down into here and told them it was the truth word for word.
He told them all that he would have a better time looking for it from a bird than them.
Then they began to shout and bicker till the dawn arrived.
They bickered and bickered until they heard a snicker coming their way.
Then all we're all astounded to see a Nixster hurried down the street.
They all watched as his tiny feet scurried along the ground.
Then all people began to worry why he was even around.
For nothing good ever came when a Nixster was found.
For they are known to quite the tricksters when they wanted to be.
Then he came over wearing a hat that was about his height and something shiny in his hands.
In his hands was a tiny crown that glitter in the new day's light
It was a lovely sight for everyone there to see.
Then he spoke in a little voice right at the Snark
My good sir it would seem that I found your beautiful crown.
I was just passing by when I saw it lying around.
So when I heard you were looking throughout the town I went in search of you.
I had given up all hope until the heard all the shouting.
Only to follow it to found such a large outing.
Now here you go, now here you go
Here is your crown that belongs on your brow.
Now be off your merry way
For you have a beautiful day enjoy today.
The Snark took his crown and placed it on his balding head.
He gave the Nixster a disgusting smile that only gave everyone dread.
He left without a word as went on his way.
Then all the people throughout the town cheer.
As they celebrated the Snark depart with a mug of beer.
They all gather around to thank the Nixster for his good deed.
That they would reward him with anything he would need.
They were soon met with a surprise as he stood in a silly stance.
Then he began his own little dance.
Whoop te de, whoop te day.
Will all come out to play today.
That is all ask for is you will let me stay.
With games and dances to show all to you that's all you need today.
None of the people did object to Nixster's request.
For he had surely been blessed to free them of the Snark.
So they all began to dance.
While others went into prance.
But little did they know the this was not all by chance.
For Nixster had taken the Snark's Crown when it rolled into town
For no one wanted to play or dance which left him feeling down.
So he played a trick on the people to make a hero out of him.
Now he can play his games with his newfound fame.
Though if anyone ever out the truth wouldn't that be a shame.


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