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They are the lords of the fields and guides of the great lights of the sky, they travel with us and give life to us. It is truly a gift from the gods themselves. - Feron Helspitter
    Reindeer are consider a sacred animal of the Norrians as they are the guides to the afterlife for the dead. The first reindeer was created by Lestra, goddess of the stars as her companion across the mortal realm. Her name Gunda, the white reindeer. But when the time came and the gods were sent away to their realms, Gunda was not able to cross and was trapped in the mortal realm.  
white reindeer
  She would be hunted by the servants of Gorn, the god of winter as she would be a threat to him. Lestra seeing her dear friend in transformed her in it to great lights that dance across the ski in the far north away from being hunted. Gunda was given charge of guiding as the last guide betrayed the gods and sided with Gorn. But Gunda did not wish to leave the world behind with no guide all the living to the afterlife as she had to guard the passage way so the dead could not escape, soon many reindeer descended from the heaven and traveled across lands to become servents of the great guide of the lights of the north and when they died they would help guided the dead to find their place in the afterlife.

Basic Information


Quadrupeds with

Biological Traits

Reindeer are meant to eat everything green they find. Both sexes grow antlers as well. The fur on their hooves also allows them make it easier travel on snowy terrain. They can reach fifty miles an hour and swim six miles per hour.

Genetics and Reproduction

Reproduce sexually and pregnancy lasts of seven month after seasonal breeding.

Growth Rate & Stages

It takes several months for them to fully grow and each year the

Ecology and Habitats

They live in cold climates were they often search for food.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They often feed on lichen and other things that are green as well.

Biological Cycle

Every year their horns fall off and they grow larger and larger every year

Additional Information

Social Structure

Reindeer are herd animals that live in groups of twenty to thirty. Often with one male claiming most of the females in the group. They often search for food most of the time and in the winter they create massive herd numbering from fifty thousand to a hundred thousand in search of food. Males often fight with their antlers to compete for mating right.


Reindeer are domesticated to used as transportation and as food source. They often herded to feeding grounds and place into fenced area. The animals are used as mounts, pulling sleighs to carry people and supplies as well. They cannot be fully tamed, but are willing to stay with their owners if they wish.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Their milk, hides, meat and antlers are used by Norrians for survival and rituals.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Reindeer can only be found on the continent of Norria and its surrounding islands.

Average Intelligence

They are crafty animals that know what time of the year their being hunted and can find their way through difficult terrain.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Responds to light and ultraviolet light, but have poor eye sight. Have directional smell meaning they know how far an animal is and how long they have been in a place. Can smell food under snow and use the wind to pick up scents as well. Their hearing is highly developed as well being to hear sounds that most can't.
Scientific Name
Class: Natural
God touched
15 year
Conservation Status
To many their is said to be a million reindeer living on Norria
Average Height
33 to 59 inches
Average Weight
Male: 351 – 401 pounds Female:176 – 265 pounds
Average Length
4 to 7 feet
Average Physique
Highly muscular for running.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
White and brown fur patterns


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