Propter Iusiurandum

A Propter Iusiurandum or an Oath Sake is a medallion that is often used by soldiers of the Vatian Empire as reminder themselves. It mainly revolves around their family's history of those who served in the military and is passed down through each generation. Often given to those who enter military service and passed down from father to son. Each one holds a symbol of a soldier on the front and the household name of the soldier's family on the back. The older ones looking worn and dull means that that families has been serving the empire for many generations long before their time. It is also to help keep the wear strong by reminding them to keep the oath that they swore when entering the service and to break that oath would shame the family and all those who came before. Most soldiers would rather die instead of the ladder, with some being found with them holding their oath sake clutched in their hands in their last moments knowing that they make their family proud and would by one of the many who served and died for the empire. These pendants would also be used to identify the dead so that their body could be returned to their family for a proper funeral. To lose this item is consider a shameful act and its always worn on person until it is time to pass it on to their successor. If they were to die before that such as in battle it is a custom for a soldier swallow them in order to protect it from looters. If a successor does not appear before the death of the current owner it is keep by a family member to watch over it for as long as possible, even passing it down for generations if need be. All until the day that it might be worn again by a worth successor.  
"Who are we?" "Soldiers of the empire!" "Who do we serve?" "The empire and only the empire!" "Why do we fight?" "For the glory and safety of the empire!" "What will give up for it?" "Our lives if we must!" "Hat have you become to do this?" "We are the shields that hold back its enemies and swords that will strike them down!" "How far are you will to go to defend it?" "Through hells and back we will keep this oath!" - common military chant spoken by officer to soldiers


Every military member of the empire carries one to forever bring their forbearers with them and to remind them of family members that served the empire in the best and worst of time. In the end all that matters is that they did their duty.
Item type
Religious / Ritualistic
Related ethnicities
common throughout the military of the Vatian Empire at


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