You know I remember my grandmother telling me that there were no factories when she was a girl, it is hard to believe that there was nothing here in her time considered everything that is here now. -Thoughtful Grandson
  Mirstone was once a quaint little town for as long as its residents could remember, they lived average lives and went about their business as the world changed around them without them even realizing it. That was until the factories started to be built in it that promoted jobs and better pay for them. Know it is a large industrial town that often building just about anything that their employers want them to make.


Due to the value of the town, it has been placed under an imperial administration to see that productivity is going smoothly and no setbacks are made.

Industry & Trade

Many factories are found throughout the town that forges and builds from a variety of things in large volumes. It is from here that those factories can sell the goods that they make and distribute their products to whoever wishes to buy them. Where it was built in the very factories that were built, to begin with as it was founded in a region that was still wilderness, and later a road network would be built to go near the The Spine to connect mines in the region. It is from these mines that a constant flow of raw material can be sent in and process to be distributed to where ever it needs to go later on. Allowing factories to gain large profits from the product they made from them. Later on, materials such as wood and fabric would be brought here to greatly expand their industry.   Forge Factories: Large factories that dealing with the creation of many different things from metal by enabling them to become stronger than what they were before.   Assembly Factories: Factories used in creating things from raw materials in just about anything they can be made from them.   Smelter Yards: Areas used to purify the ore brought in the from mines to come out stronger and be turned into raw material.   Textile Factories: Material such as cloth can be made here at a faster rate and more cheaply.


Rise of Industry

  Mirstone has very little of its history to make note of as it has been a peaceful place since it was found as it has never been affected by anything. But that would all change almost two centuries after its founding as parties of interest found interest in it due to the area the town was built around. As it had a strategic value in the mining as raw ore would often pass by daily and once factories started to be made in the empire many business investors came to the town to build their factories offering the town new jobs and better pay as an incentive to let them build. It was from here the town the center of the industry as raw materials kept flowing in at a constant rate and the town prospered from it as many people earn a lot more money than through farming or lumber which had all been abandoned at this point as more and more factories were made around it to increase the supply and demanded of material in the empire.


The town is surrounded by open fields that can go on for miles and miles
Founding Date
1003 CA
Alternative Name(s)
Large town
Inhabitant Demonym


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