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Arcane Runic

Bah you think that these are glyphs you blind fool these are runes, they are far more powerful than those little letters on paper. - Rune Carver.
  Unlike Glyphs that are used in the art of spell casting, Runes are another form of magic that can use magic differently rather than by speaking it. The runes themselves hold power in them that could be channeled into them as if they were meant to have it stored inside of them. In doing so anyone can use the magic they hold for their purposes and are not bound to the Price of Magic that come with it.  

Bound to Magic

  Runes are as old as the world some could say as they have been records of them that pre-date the most historical records as they can be found in many ruins. But the understanding of why they hold magic is still up for debate as the origins of how they were created remain a mystery. All that is known is that the symbols that they are made with are often somehow connected to them as magic is drawn. It’s possible that their divine origins may be responsible for allowing this to happen or maybe that runes are somehow connected to the Arcane Source known as the Ether that draws magic to them. All that is certain they are highly valued due to storing magic in them without harming those wielding it.  

Embodiement of Power

  With the unique circumstances surrounding runes and magical properties that they hold they have become highly valued. Mostly in imbuing items with the magic inside of them. This craft so brought about the creation of Enchanter that would master the craft of Item Enchantment. With the final result being the creation of Magic Items that granted power to anyone had control of these items. But the drawback was that the magic was only as powerful as the quality of the runes created for them. It also took time to create such items as the art of rune craving is something that should not be taken lightly, especially when it comes to magic. Making all the more reason to never treat runes with disrespect or those who do will suffer their wrath for their ignorance.  

Rune Creation

  To understand how a rune is created one must know the requirements that are need to make them. First the proper tools must be used to create it often being a chisel and a variety of tools to create it. This is a process that takes time to achieve as the right patterns must be etched in. Each shape has its own distinct pattern that is added together to create the rune. Each one must be carefully created to ensure it works properly and does not cause an accident. Finally, magic must be involved often placed in item or channeled around one to prepare to seal it in. Once that is done the magic will be placed into the rune with it being drawn to due to the design and once it is fully absorbed it will be ready for use. Though this process should not be disrupted or it may cause a magical accident.

Geographical Distribution

Runic is distributed to several parts of the world manly used by Humans and Dwarves.

Forms of Runes

  Three known languages use runes in both their magic and language but are greatly different from one another, Renenon Runic, Norrian Runic, Merten Runic, and Dwarvish Runic.   Renonen: One of the oldest Human forms of Runes to be created by them. Though very few practice it anymore except for those who use it for magic.   Norrian: An offshoot of Renonen dating back when Humans first settled Norria, its runes have been altered for both language and magic.   Merte: A curious form of Runic that comes to the Isle of Merte, an isolated island chain that very few people visit. This form is ancient but the origins of how it was created and shrouded in myth.   Dwarvish: By far the oldest form of Runic to exist and by far some of the most powerful. Its runes are crafted in a way that almost seems like they are made by divine hands, runes such as these hold much magic in them.  

Types of Runes

  War: These runes are meant to cause harm and are placed on weapons to increase their power.   Protection : All harm that would be set onto someone will stop by the runes and are placed on armor, items and buildings.   Aid: There are certain types of runes that capable of increase certain attributes of an individual to aid them when needed and are placed on items.   Ward: Runes of these types are often made for certain reasons such as keeping certain creatures from coming near them and are often placed on buildings and items.

Cover image: Magic Rune by Anthony Urquizo


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