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Violet Fog

On the misty coasts of Vanaheim, the fog rolling in from the Sea of Eternity has a tendency to crystallize alcohol, adding a distinctly lavender flavor to the crystals. This phenomenon is taken advantage of to make a wide variety of treats.   A favorite of Vanir children and adults alike is Violet Fog, first concocted in the city of Pelinel, before the recipe spread, but most prefer the original, something about the combination of the waters and air in that particular spot makes the flavor even more complex. It also has a focusing effect on the mind, makes the brain buzz a little.   To make it, wait for a chilly night from the eastern mountains to meet temperate breezes sweeping up from the Singing Sea (Newspring has the most of these days). Set an oaken bucket of sweetened elk's milk mixed with whiskey and a deeply roasted brew near the shoreline (mind the tide). Hang a chain of moss above the bucket, trailing into the mixture, and by morning the string will be clustered with sparkling violet colored candy.
In the real world, Violet Fog is the Apothecary's March lip butter flavor of the month • Cappuccino, Irish Cream & Lavender
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Current Location
Widely available in coastal Vanaheim, especially at the right time of year, but does not travel well and is not distributed beyond the coast.
Advantage on INT checks and saves for 1 hour


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