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Captain Fawcett

When the Captain was a young man, he was an alchemist's apprentice in the City of Caras, but he always dreamed of the horizon he could not see amidst the mountains. He learned quickly, soon blending potions for fine his master had never seen the like.   One day when he was sent to the smuggler's port at Barassel Outpost for ingredients, his eye marveled at the open ocean beyond the cliffs and he knew he must take a different path in life. He set out with a ragtag crew, but it wouldn't be long until The Sea of Storms had claimed the lives of much of the crew, and he found himself the Captain who must bring the ship home.   Having demonstrated great bravery and skill on treacherous seas, he set off again to seek out the rare and new ingredients of the land that remained undiscovered. His journeys took him through L√≥ben's Daggers and Norgalad Reach, the Veil of Esgal and the Calaer Coast, even the Uireb Rim and Lif's Bridge.   In every kingdom he stops for a trim with the local Barbers of Beardsgaard, delivering the vast quantity of potions that Gaardians simply cannot get enough of.
Here in the real world, Beardsgaard is proud to be a direct importer and premiere retailer of Captain Fawcett's fine British grooming goods, and the only US stockist of their full line of fragrances. With formulas that have graced the faces of the Lord of the Rings cast (we think Private Stock smells of Middle Earth) and collaborations with some of the most famous beards on the planet, the beard, shave, hair, fragrance and grooming tools of the Captain are legend.
Lawful Good
Current Status
On an expedition to find new and exciting ingredients for his magic potions
Year of Birth
1946 AF 75 Years old
5 feet


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