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Kamawacha River

The mighty Kamawacha river flows through Karataki and along the northern edges of the great Eanth Steppes. Part of the river connects with the Gateway spring, which enriches it with minerals and nutrients, which is said to make the water better for healing.   The river itself is supposedly cared for by guardian water spirits. The Ootaki/Karatarkan swear by their existence, but outsiders tend to consider them more myth or folklore than reality.


The river is exceedingly clear and clean, and harbours a wide range of wildlife and biodiversity. A number of filter-feeders and plants excel in the nutrient rich spring water, particularly near Karataki. A number of small tributaries flow into the river, each the spawning ground for many fish species, including those that swim up the river from the ocean to spawn.
Alternative Name(s)
Heaven's Waterway
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