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"Glacian" in Common Eptani, or "Tikka" in Ancient Glacie, the species is predominately in the Temultus Isles and the area around the City-State of Pontemar. They are not originally native to Antir, having migrated here thousands of years ago.   They are descended from a recent common ancestor with the Eptani and possibly the Mantuā Repo too, sharing the same genus of 'Eptanis' and although rare, allowing hybridised offspring.   Whilst all written documents of where the Glacians migrated from has been lost, they have some verbal poems and songs that tell of a cold tundra-like isle that was bountiful for their people, with no other inhabitants to cause conflict. It is often idealised and spoken highly of, and it is said to be where their deities still dwell, detached from them now. Thus, they are well suited the frozen north.

Basic Information


Large, anthropoid, and bipedal, they are the biggest sentient species in Antir alongside the Fara. They have a dual layer of hair that covers their entire body, short 2-3mm and normal 5-10mm length ones, though not as thick or dense as true fur, it is an effective insulator. This assists their layer of blubber, which gives them a podgy or squishy look, and a surprisingly round face - which the pseudo-fur surrounds in a vague heart-like shape. They don't ever have longer hair, and to outsiders it is often hard to distinguish the males and females. All Glacians have brunette hair, though the shade can range from dark to light brown, with white or light tan coloured skin.   They do also have a distinct nose; it's bulbous and flabby, hanging in front of their mouth. Both males and females have this, though it is larger on the males. These are often tattooed with symbols relating to their chosen hunt.

Growth Rate & Stages

They continue developing until they're about 50 years old, being considered children up until the age of 15, and finally becoming adults around the age of 50. Anyone over the age of 90 is often viewed as an elder, though they may still take part in the hunts. They do however keep growing in physical size throughout their life, making the elders towering and hulking great hunters that loom over their younger compatriots.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They have remarkable resistance to the cold, and have very few sweat glands, but highly attuned temperature sensors. They are adept at controlling their Vitus to aid in blood flow and breathing, which when combined with their large heart and great size, allows them a great finesse with internal temperature regulation.    Their eyes are deep set and small to protect from the icy winds. Whilst their eyesight is strong and focused - they are able to see great distances and pinpoint details easily - they do suffer from terrible vision in areas with a lack of light, due to the small size and large iris. Their eyes are often light blue or grey.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Mostly within both the Jarldom of Havdir and Ergensos, and the City-State of Pontemar and Pontemar. They don't often venture further south, particularly in the hotter climates.    Their original home has long since been lost, and there are no other Glacian-run cities outside of Antir.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Their primary languages are Ancient Glacie and Havdirian (both the Eastern and Western dialects, from Pontemar and Ergensos respectively). Many also know Antirian, given its similarities to Havdirian.   There are two creoles with Zarzi and Ostravian, given their frequent trade. They do however struggle learning the neighbouring Keztalke, despite their earnest effort to do so (the bulbous nose making it difficult to pronounce a number of the words correctly).
Scientific Name
Eptanis Glacia
110 Years
Average Height
Average Weight
Geographic Distribution
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