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Istlourn (/'ɪst.lɔɹn/, IST-lorn)

As Wringer One, Istlourn was the primary enforcer of Unity rule. During his fourteen-year career he was personally responsible for thousands of wrung minds. By the time of the Unity's defeat, Istlourn was second only to Kezlaf as the most hated and feared individual in all the Cluster Islands.
After Kezlaf's death, several island governments demanded Istlourn's execution as well. Alcendis refused, citing evidence that he had been an unwilling participant. It was a controversial decision that fueled rumors that Alcendis planned to become Uniter herself and continue using Istlourn and the other Water Seekers as Wringers.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

"We have to do things we don't want to do, for the sake of making things the way they should be."
— Kezlaf, consoling Istlourn
Istlourn was the firstborn of Kezlaf's children, and his designated successor. He began his work as a Wringer early, accompanying Kezlaf on his visits to the various Cluster Islands. Istlourn actively disliked his role, but adored his father and accepted unquestioningly the promise that he would be able to stop once everything had been made right.
After Alcendis joined the Wringers, Istlourn began reconsidering. The reasoning that had satisfied him as a child just didn't anymore. When Dissolvers attacked Mraydor, Kezlaf ordered the Wringers to hunt down their leader. For the first time in his life, Istlourn refused to obey. His insubordination threw the Wringers into chaos, allowing the Dissolvers' attack to succeed, and directly led to Kezlaf's death.
But one good decision does not negate a lifetime of bad ones, and Istlourn saw his death as the only fitting consequence of his life. However, no one else in the ocean was as well-versed in water manipulation as he, and Alcendis needed his expertise to help restore the Eddy. Istlourn reluctantly agreed to teach new generations of Water Seekers, on the condition that all new Seekers would be required to take an oath forswearing the use of tuning. His reputation today remains such that there is no island that would allow him on it, so he remains in effective exile at the New Eddy.  Even there he keeps to himself to avoid tainting anyone else with his history.

Mental Trauma

When Istlourn was five years old, Kezlaf tested his ability to detect lies. He brought Istlourn before a group of five palace guards, and asked which one was a traitor. Kezlaf then boiled the blood of the man Istlourn chose.

Personality Characteristics

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Kezlaf taught Istlourn the art of water tuning.  By using prisoners to practice on, they perfected techniques for manipulating water on scales smaller than an individual cell.
Year of Birth
2017 Vol 53 Years old

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