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Stoncast is a citystate located in Deaangach. it is the most eastern city state and shares a border with both Angrotder and Gubrarat.   Stoncast is known as a city that produces excellent weapons and armour. The ruling Castillo family has been able to attract several outcast forge-smiths from Angrotder and used them to create some impressive pieces. Due to the war between Deaangach and Richerus, the city only uses steel and iron from both allied city states and Gubrarat, severely limiting output.   The Castillo family have been ruling the city for almost 400 years and have nurtured it from a small outpost of refugees fleeing the newly created Gubrarat Empire. Once the empire collapsed and the Magocracy took over, the refugees liked Stoncast so much they decided to stay. As a result of this, the city is a unique blend and melting pot of different cultures and races, being the most diverse city in the world.

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