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Deaangach is one of the three main nations in Debleron.  


Unlike the its two southern sister nations, Deaangach isn't really a nation per se, and is actually a separate group of city states that agree to protect and aid each other against external threats. Asides from that however the free cities tend to be bound by a web of complicated diplomatic treaties and intrigue.   Formally known as the Deaangach Alliance, was formed in 267PI after the Richerus invasion of Nobu Du Paside. Realising that the remaining city states would be effectively conquered one by one, the remaining states pooled their resources together and formed a single army. They would eventually liberate Nobu Du Paside in 270PI. From there, Nobu Du Paside became the head city of the alliance.  


With the entirety of Deaangach located in the northern part of Debleron, the weather is cold and snowy. While not in a state of perpetual winter, for most months of the year, Deaangach is close to freezing and snow covers the hills and peaks.   The colder weather makes mass scale farming extremely difficult, so the country is reliant on fishing in the north sea and imports from both Richerusand Gubrarat.
Geopolitical, Country

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