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Gubrarat is one of the three main nations in Debleron. It occupies the east and south-eastern parts of the island.  


Gubrarat was the first nation to be founded in 69PI. Gubrarat was founded as an empire when Lord Maximillian Hamilton united the small cities and villages on the east coast. The empire was not meant to last however as the empire collapsed just after the death of Hamilton in 101PI, just before the founding of Richerus.   What replaced the empire was a Magocracy ruled by a council of the realms strongest wizards. This form of governance has been used ever since, to great effect to the nation of Gubrarat. With magic users at the forefront of Gubrarat, it was no surprise that they discovered and mastered Magic-tek and as a result has become the most advanced nation in the world, with Richerus only just starting to catch up with steam power.  


Unlike Richerus, Gubrarat only really has one season and is stuck in a state of perpetual spring, even in the more northern parts, where it's western counterpart would see colder weather. The only exception to this state of perpetual spring is the area surrounding the city of Grand Portwai Aux Renags, which is mostly humid marsh/swampland.   Gubrarat isn't split into administrative sectors like traditional monarchies, since there is no need to have dukes. Instead, the country has been split into regions according the local village or city. This is purely for ease of classification however, as the villages or cities actually have no authority over what happens in these areas, much to their frustration at times. The majority of the population of Gubrarat live in the cities of Grand Portwai Aux Renags and the capital Syrena. As a result, the areas outside these are only occupied with many small villages. The current Magocracy however have earmarked Hellione as a potential site for further expansion, with, the two main cities struggling to cater for the needs of everyone.

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