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Hrafntoft is the northern most settlement in Richerus, in the Steelbury region.   Whereas Dewsbury welcomed expansion with open arms, the warrior people of Hrafntoft heavily resisted any attempt to expand or grow as a result of Steelhaven's expansion. A small group of warriors who founded a village, Hrafntoft has always been fiercely independent, regularly ignoring any decrees sent by the king. The only reason this is generally overlooked by the crown is that it would be too much hassle to bring them in line.   Hrafntoft warriors make excellent barbarians and in the past have always come to the aid of Richerus if the help is truly needed. Because they don't really appear for trivial matters, it has become an idiom that if a Hrafntoft warrior has arrived, then things must be going really badly. The village is steeped in a Viking style warrior culture, which regularly clashes with the rest of Richerus and infact the world.

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