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Dewsbury is a town in the country of Richerus, in the Steelbury region.   With the rapid expansion of Steelhaven over the past few hundred years, There was always a demand for more housing and development in the Steelbury region as a whole. While the warriors of Hrafntoft were openly hostile to any attempts of expansion, Dewsbury accepted people with open arms. As a result the once small, almost unknown village, ended up growing into a large town of its own, with a population today of just under 20,000 inhabitants.   Dewsbury has made a name for itself as the more artsy version of Steelhaven. While Steelhaven has always favoured production over luxuries, Dewsbury has focused on things such as wine making, cheeses, the arts, even drama. As a result it is not uncommon to find that the wealthy elite of Steelhaven actually end up living in Dewsbury and commute to Steelhaven as needed.

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