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Steelhaven is a city located in the country of Richerus. It is the second largest city and was the former capital of Richerus, before its relocation to Coalbrookedale.  


Early History

It is extremely difficult to trace the origins of Steelhaven. It is thought to be the oldest settlement on Debleron, and possibly a survivor of the Imperium Collapse. Because its age predates historical records, there is much debate surrounding its early years. It has been suggested that even before the Imperium Collapse, Steelhaven was a large town that was on the cusp of being a city, though this is equally disputed by some scholars.  

Recorded History

When records finally started to become more commonplace around 100PI, Steelhaven was a small city with a population of just under 50,000 residents. At the time it was the largest settlement in the known world. Steelhaven was incorporated into Richerus around 125PI and became the capital of the country. Steelhaven continued to have rapid growth and expansion, thanks in part to the success of the Steelhaven Adventurers Guild.   By 320PI Steelhaven had undergone its largest expansion yet, swelling up to 75,000 residents and another 10,000 semi-permanent residents. The once city walls, had now been completely enveloped by districts, that a new outer city wall had been constructed. This wouldn't be the last major expansion of Steelhaven however. In the early 400's another set of districts around Steelhaven had been finished, facilitating a third and final wall around Steelhaven, giving it, its iconic three ring design.  


Modern Steelhaven is made up 3 sections: The Outer Walls, Townscape and Uphaven. The 3 sections are roughly shaped as rings.

The Outer Walls

Called the Outer Walls, despite being behind the main city wall, Outer Walls is the most modern of the three districts, and since it is the outer ring, it is also the largest. Alot of the southern side of the ring has been converted into a refined steelworks, taking advantage of the new space to expand the cities steel production. Most houses in this section tend to be small, narrow and tall, aiming to maximise space where possible. While there are nicer and more worst off parts, generally the population of the Outer Walls tend to be on the more poorer side.


Orignally called The Outer Walls, after the rapid expansion of Steelhaven, this ring was renamed Townscape as a nod to the enviroment it exhibits. Houses tend to be bigger and more spaced out, and as a result, attract a more wealthier resident. A lot of small guilds and new companies tend to base themselves out of Townscape to seem more reputable than perhaps they actually are.


The orginal settlement of Steelhaven, Uphaven has had extensive remodelling done to it and looks nothing like the orignal town. Most notably, the center of Uphaven had a large tower palace built when it was made the capital of Richerus. The surronding ring was then rebuilt as mansions and executive housing, The old steelworks still exist and are operational, but only serve the residents of Uphaven. Although the king no longer lives in Steelhaven, the palace is still considered to be property of the crown.
Founding Date

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