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Steelhaven Adventurers Guild

Steelhaven Adeventurers Guild is an adventuring style guild situated in the city of Steelhaven and was the first adventuring guild to be founded since the Imperium Collapse. Over the years it has built a reputation for being the largest and most profitable of the Debleron adventuring guilds.  


The guild was founded at the end of the age of chaos; when civilisation was starting to become more re-established. A need had arisen for people to go out and help keep the creatures at bay that threatened to reverse the precious progress made by the civilised races. The issue was that towns guards and armies were too pre-occupied to worry about defending the fringe areas.   The first adventuring party of Steelhaven, ended up creating the Guild, headed by the adventuring parties leader - Luna Ar. The mission of the Guild was to use their experience as adventurers to build and train new teams of adventures to send off into the land of Richerus. In only 5 years, the guild had expanded into nearly 15 teams and had even created an academy to offer an adventuring education to teenagers looking to get into the adventures business.  

Activities and Operations

The guilds main activities is naturally, adventuring. The academy has been a reliable second income for the guild as well. In recent years the guild has expanded into the production of weaponry in house to help cut costs and also turn a profit by selling a short surplus to guards and the military.   In terms of operations the guild technically operates all around the world. Most of their operations tend to stay within Richerus, with a few excursions going into other countries. The majority of their assets are located in Steelhaven: such as the academy and the guild forge. However in most towns in Richerus, there is a guild branch which acts the local headquarters for the region.   The guild owns a wide variety of assets that are available for guild members to use. These include things such as horses, carts and even a couple of ships for longer trips.  


The guild has operated a very similar hierarchy since its creation, only getting bigger as the guild expanded. The guild is split into the following ranks:


The Guildmaster is the head of all operations and for all intents and purposes, the legal owner of the guild. The position is generally decided by a series of tests and trials that anyone is open to attempt. In the past few centuries however, the winner has pretty much already been decided before any trials begin.   The position is then kept by the Guildmaster for life. In theory. Many elect however to retire and stand down as they get into their more advanced years. Running the guild is a stressful job and many would much prefer a quieter form of retirement.  


The term officer has changed meaning during the expansion of the guild. Originally, Officer was used to refer to the leader of an adventuring party, and served as the guilds link between adventuring parties and headquarters. As more and more parties began to assemble under the banner of the guild, it became apparent that the officer ranks were becoming bloated, and a new approach was needed.   At this stage, the guild had managed to expand its operations area to the entirety of Richerus. As a result a new cut down model of the officer was created. Their duty was simple, to act as the main authority for the guild in whatever region they were assigned in. This drastically cut down the guilds middle leadership, and allowed headquarters to streamline many processes for sending and receiving contracts. As the positions became more cemented, Guild Branches, began to appear as a way of helping manage local adventurers.  


Agents is a very broad term used to refer to any member of the guild who isn't an officer or part of an adventuring party. This includes artisans, administrators and a sleuth of general labours. In general the agents in the guild have become the most numerous of the ranks. As such, it is common for agents to list their department after their name, such as 'Department of Adventuring Resources'. Senior agents is a new rank that has been recently created to help distinguish those of slightly higher authority and experience.  

Party Leader

With the change of the officer rank, there needed to create a new rank to serve as the link between the guild and the adventuring parties. Party leaders are either appointed by the guild, or nominated by the party. Party leaders are the leadership link between the officers and the party. They are responsible for the distribution of loot, pay, items and other trinkets. They are also responsible for keeping the party on task and by extension, profitable.

Public Agenda

Advance the cause of adventuring in the world of Debleron.
Founding Date
15th Ibik, 197 PI
Guild, Adventuring
Leader Title
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17 Jan, 2022 14:04

This is a great group you made. I love how you show how it got its start to it growing and changing because of that growth.

Let's have fun creating the impossible, building new worlds, and all types of possibilities. Valcin