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Grand Portwai Aux Renags

Grand Portwai Aux Rengas, Abbreviated down to Portwai most of the time, is a city located in Gubrarat. despite not being the capital, it is the largest city in the country.  


Alot like the city of Steelhaven, Portwai's founding is somewhat of a mystery, suggesting that it was around in some capacity during the Imperium. The first recorded entry regarding Portwai was in 58PI, in a small note detailing several successful fishing trips. The evidence seems to suggest that Portwai started as a fishing town.   By the time of the Gubrarat Empire, Portwai had grown into a small city. Its main exports at this point was still fish, but several farms had began to start to exporting some finer food and drinks to other parts of the empire. Under the rule of the empire, growth was stunted in Portwai in favour of expanding and growing the capital Syrena.   It was not until the collapse of the empire that Portwai began to really grow. With the Magocracy now established, several mage guilds and organisations began to spring up in the city. This meant that the demand for exotic good went up, and more traders found themselves in the city. With the invention of Magic-Tek in 113PI, the city flourished and became a hotbed of scientific discovery. As more and more technology was discovered, so did the size of the city, with district after district being added.
Large city

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