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Syrena is the capital city of the nation of Gubrarat and is the home base of the Magocracy that rules over the nation. Despite being the capital, the city is actually smaller in both size and population when compared to its sister city in the south, Grand Portwai Aux Renags.  


Unlike Portwai, the origins of Syrena can be easily traced as a small town founded in 47PI, A few years before the creation of the Gubrarat Empire. By the time of the empires formation in Syrena in 69PI, Syrena had just formed into a city proper.   Despite this, it was never as big as its sister city Grand Portwai Aux Renags much to the annoyance of the emperor. In an attempt to rectify this, the emperor halted all growth in the Portwai and instead focused his attention on Syrena. While the city did grow, the growth wasn't natural and as a result, was slow.   The city itself didn't really begin to grow until the Gubrarat Empire collapsed and the Magocracy took over. With new rulers, the city was able to attract new talent, and new laws made it alot easier for merchants and store owners to re-invest in their businesses rather than losing everything to taxes and tithes.   The invention of Magic-Tek, was a major catalyst in both the expansion and prosperity of the city, much like in Portwai. Many a new guild arose and over the the next two hundred years, each one bringing in a new raft of discoveries and advancements.
Large city

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