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Vor Ophor

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Vor Ophor (a.k.a. Holrath-404, 404)

Vor Ophor is a Hybrid Blank of Choir and Construct Blank ancestry. His task, given him by Wurth at the behest of the Committee on Instance Design Standards, is to visit every remotely 'realistic' instance to determine if there is a chance that a true instance (a.k.a. an alternate universe) with those properties would be a viable place for colonization. In this sense, while Vor is long-suffering in his exposure to the many banal, absurd, and sometimes outright dangerous worlds of his more senior fellows' creation, he also carries the hopes and dreams of The Substrate with him.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Vor Ophor was one of the earliest hybridizations between a choir instance and a construct instance. His mother was a Patch-class Skyphoform who had been an early upload to the Matrioshka Multiverse. His father was a data reporting construct blank originally attached to Patricia Wixtaki's Farforth Instance. This unique parentage gave young Vor a set of traits that made him resemble a Holrath-class skyphoform in outlook; he demonstrated a unique blend of analytical skill, concentration, and snarky cantankerousness that instantly endeared him to Wurth and Dr. Vangard alike. Vor Ophor was assigned to observe and report on the various instances active in the Multiverse in equal parts because he was the right person for the job and because the other blanks knew that he would humorously (though half-heartedly) complain about the assignment the whole time.


Vor in the Manifold Sky by Hero Forge
Vor is a silent observer in the affairs of instances he is tasked with observing, often masquerading as a normal resident of a given instance to get a closer look at things. He keeps meticulous notes about what he observes and, with time, compiles scientific reports for the perusal of ComInDs officials and any blanks considering visits to his assigned instances. Unless something seriously goes wrong with an instance, he is careful to not draw any attention to himself or, if this is impossible, to not leave any evidence behind that he is, in fact, a being from beyond the bounds of 'reality' as the instance blanks see it.

Wealth & Financial state

Vor Ophor is granted a small pocket instance adjacent to any instance he is assigned to observe. These pocket instances are connected to the observed instance by a portal somewhere in the world, generally one that can easily be disguised as a nondescript utility closet, private residence, or other place outsiders are unlikely to enter of their own accord. These pocket instances are also all capable of connecting to one another, his own personal instance, or to Club Chorus so that he can travel between them without having to trapse across the dangerous expanses of Unallocated Space. This second type of connection is controlled directly by Vor, as it would go against protocol to have an instance blank stumble out of their instance by accidentally entering one of these pockets.   Vor's pocket instances tend to resemble small libraries, studies, or laboratories as appropriate for his work in the given instance. When instance blanks discover one of his pocket instances, they discover that they are unable to percieve color within it; as a non-human sentience, Vor's internal visual representations of the world place less emphasis on the color of things than other physical traits, such as texture.

Lawful Neutral
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Current Residence
Pocket instance adjacent to the Manifold Sky Instance
140 lbs

Cover image: by Ferdinand Stöhr
Character Portrait image: Voer Offur by Artbreeder


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Aug 3, 2022 23:23 by George Sanders

Interesting concept, searching across alternate universes for places to colonize. Here is Lavani's review:   "Vor Ophor is an artificial intelligence that the travels across Instances. Seems familiar. Love his pocket instances that double as a library!" - Lavani

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