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Knight Luiz N.K. Poleadly

His family being of Luchtatalian descent and refusing to assimilate made them ostracised for a long time. Him becoming the presumed heir to the throne's personal knight quickly made him surrounded in controversies. While the clothes he arrived in, he could have passed as a travelling commoble rather than a noble. This modesty is part of the defunct Luchtatalian culture that his family tried to preserve. Modesty was how to truly show one's worth as they didn't need any artifice to pass themselves as superior. And it is a core value Luiz strongly adheres to.   He and his fiancee are both homosexuals who discover each other's homosexuality when wanting to confess to each other why they couldn't be together. Seeing the Ibadcathalian culture, they decide to remain engaged until they found someone and married behind their parents' back.   Dedicated to prove himself as he could, he'd end up found dead in his sleep, presumably by poison. As such, he never actually appeared or is mentioned in the original story.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition


a) Strenght: Good

b) Endurance: Good


a) Flexibility: Above Average

b) Mobility: Good

  Body shape:

a) Muscles: Muscular

b) Frame: Trapezoid-shaped

Facial Features

Reincarnation: After the poisoning, some of his facial veins around his cheeks and eyes became black and are visible through his skin. This will lead many people to hypothesise he's only alive due to magic.

Special abilities


Hallowed: His refusal to die was so strong that he entered hallowed state. He passed out soon after, but survived the poison. For some unknown reason, however, it didn't fully heal him and it seems the poison is remaining within his body. After this, it also seems like no poison is able to affect him either. It is assumed his body and the poison that triggered his hallowed state constantly fight each other. He seems unable to enter the hallowed state after that event either.

Specialized Equipment


Knight Outfit: The colours of the Uncail Family built around practicality.

Weapon: Sword and one dagger on each hip

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Reincarnation: A transman young adult committed suicide after despairing to ever be able to get enough money to undergo a full sex transition. Overcrowded in student, health and real estate debts, with a job crowded in poor conditions and the political situations of his country keeping rolling downhill.

Gender Identity

Reincarnation: His friends would always reassure him how he shouldn't lose hope, that someday he could have the body he always wanted. At times, they would even remind him how not transitioning wouldn't make him any less of a man, but as much as he knew his friends only ever said those things out of concerns for his well-being, it just wasn't enough. Love, community, understanding, compassion, none of this ever was enough. Combined with him not having enough to even be able to maintain mental health care, and he just couldn't see any point in living anymore.


Sexuality: homosexual

Romanticality: gay


His family focused on giving him an efficient education instead of a broad stroke one. His studies were focused on history of both Ibadcathal and Luchtatal, the traditions and cultures, who the important families are, and what the current state of the commoners are to be more apt at ensuring their well-being.


No one expected him to be chosen as Victor Uncail's personal knight. Then again, no one expected the cousin of the princess, Victor N.W. Uncail, to be selected as the crown heir of the throne when the king could still produce a biological heir. There's some suspicions that he was chosen because of how powerless his family is and he won't present any threat in case Victor Uncail loses his position as heir. Luiz himself doesn't care, he only aspires to fulfil his role.

Accomplishments & Achievements

He was able to settle down a lot of high-tension situations making him reliable and trustworthy in most people's eyes.

Failures & Embarrassments

He got ridiculed by other nobles for his attitude more than once. And if he never openly showed how it affected him, he did let the embarrassment wash over once he was alone in his room.

Morality & Philosophy

A noble and royal's role is to ensure the happiness or well-beings of their subjects.


His sexuality, as he doesn't want to bring controversies to his family, and he is aware the Kingdom of Ibadcathal still suffers from the societal changes brought in by the First Monarch.

Personality Characteristics


All he wanted was to ensure the well-being of the commoners living around him.

Savvies & Ineptitudes


  Botanist: He's great at recognizing different plants. He can't exactly use them, however.    


  He can't swim and tends to stay away from water in consequence.

Likes & Dislikes


  Going around on his horse to see if anyone needs his help.

Participating in local festivities and weekly markets.

 Listening to local singers and watching local performers.  


  Nobles looking down on inferior classes.

Superficiality and opulence.

Virtues & Personality perks

He's the incarnation of the noble knight defending the defenseless.

He prefers talking things out rather than use violence to settle things.

Vices & Personality flaws

His modesty and defensiveness of the lower classes makes him ironically perceived as full of himself by both fellow nobles and some commoners. His ego is fed, but in effect, does nothing to change the situation so that commoners wouldn't need his protection.


He prefers bathing without assistance. The presence of servants makes him feel self-conscious.


Contacts & Relations

His closest friend is his fiancee, a fellow homosexual who has to hide her sexuality. She's essentially her confidant.

He's loved, respected and friendly with most commoners living around or in his mansion.

Some younger nobles like him as well, but do find his relationship with commoners odd, or touching for the less judgemental ones.

Family Ties

He's very close with everyone in his family. As they're of foreign origins, they know the importance of sticking together. Often, it can be them against the world. Especially when they're getting judged for their culture.   This sense of "family" also extends to other Luchtatalian noble who immigrated in the Kingdom, who didn't or couldn't adjust to Ibadcathal as well. They've developed a real sense of community that is at add with the Ibadcathalian nobility. Non-noble Luchtatalians, however, aren't exactly included in this community, even if they tend to be protected by some Luchtatalian noble families for their common origins.

Religious Views

He thinks the majority of nobles are misguided, and that the Goddess dislikes how commonly they live luxurious lives while ignoring the plight of the commoners.

Social Aptitude

He's social and respected by most. Even those who don't respect him can't deny he's a kind person, a fool, a hypocrite and an egocentric, perhaps, but well-intended. Most perceive him as fairly harmless as well. At the very least, his etiquette and mannerisms are on point.


Having good etiquette and mannerisms is important to him and he feels it is part of his role to know and apply them, but he also know how different context require a different attitude and as such, he drops them whenever he interacts with commoners to reduce the social distance between the two.

Hobbies & Pets


  He loves his horse dearly and always take care of her personally rather than let a hostler take care of it.   Reincarnation: Wisky  


Writing a personal diary

Reading history and literature

Horse riding


He adapts his speech depending on who he is talking to. Formal with nobles, and soft with commoners. Some actually find that softer tone insulting as it feels like he's having the tone a parent would have to one of his children.

Wealth & Financial state

Selfish Good
Current Status
personal knight of the Crown Prince Victor N.W. Uncail
Date of Birth
18 Solwinmi AF 142
Date of Death
16 Sprintosumi AF 158
7142 7158
Circumstances of Birth
Expected and well-prepared birth
Circumstances of Death
allegedly poison, and allegedly to prevent him from becoming Victor's personal knight
Poleadly Mansion
Place of Death
In an inn, just one day before the arrival to the Uncail Mansion
Current Residence
Poleadly Mansion/Uncail Mansion/Banrion Palace
Real: Male;

Reincarnation: Female (previous life)

masculine, but simple
Real: pine brown;

Hallowed: solar golden

Real: warm brown;

Hallowed: snow white;

Lenght: jaw-long

Skin Tone/Pigmentation
northern skin (pale skin), occasional sunburns and doesn't tan
88 kg
Known Languages
He and his parents don't see the point as they're nothing more than descendants of non-local nobility to learn more languages than what is relevant to their host country.   Anaish: mother tongue   Lucha: high   Ibadca: high


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