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Comprehensive Guide on Skin tones

4 Categories

  Northern skin: From light to pale skin tones - Northern Kin (ethnic group)   Middle skin: White to medium white skin tones - Middle Kin, Northern Water Dwellers (ethnic groups)   Southern skin: From light brown to dark olive skin tones - Southern Kin, Middle Water Dwellers, Coastal Sands & Dead Land Sands (ethnic groups)   Nuamorroin skin: From moderate brown to dark brown skin tones - Southern Water Dwellers, Dead Land Sands, Mountain Sands

Origin of the Nuamorroin Skin

  "Nuamorroinan Skin" is a category that was created following the discovery of the Southern Continent. If some of the sand skins have skin tones similar to snow skins (from light olive to dark olive skin tones for the Nemeintalians (mostly composed of "Coastal Sands"), and olive skin to dark olive skin tones for the Mannatalians (mostly composed of "Dead Land Sands"), a sizeable portion of them have unique skin tones. If moderate brown skin tones individuals can be found in Mannatal, the majority of moderate brown and dark brown skin tones are mostly represented among the Caintalians (mostly composed of "Mountain Sands".).   According to Nuammorroinans, there are people with even darker skins further down the southern continent.  

Debate Around the Term "Nuamorroin Skin"

  With the discovery of the western archipelagos, debate arose around the pertinence of the term. "Foreign skin" and "other skin" are the most preferred terms among the scholars.   Another debate is whether those rumoured darker skin tones should get included to the nuamorroin skin category or if a fifth category should be created. The supporters of the latter point out how Idanustalam alone possesses 3 categories and currently Nuamorroins fall under 2 categories.  

Pre-Invasion Skin Tone Distribution on Idanustalam in the Northern and Southern Lands

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