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The Last Unfinished Prophecy

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The Unfinished Final Prophecy

    "One born of a fallen,
One born from the ashes.
She of snow white,
she of sun gold.
Her love,
your prosperity."
This version of the prophecy is the only one that has survived the Fall of the Riegan Empire, after over 700 years of reign. No one knows what the original prophecy was like, nor whom it was referring to. All that is known is that the Oracle was stopped in the middle of the prophecy and taken away by the Empress' guards.   The leading force behind the Fall was the Illean royalty who, alongside other royal families, had been gradually viewing the Empire poorly. The rumour around the unfinished prophecy was interpreted as a sign sent by the Goddess that the Empire needed to fall. A civil war ensued during which even the eastern vessels participated. The Fealis royalty, however, used this opportunity to slaughter the Riegans which were supposed to be kept alive. In the eyes of the world, the Riegans were eradicated.   In the year 7000, the Empire fell, and a new calendar was created in celebration of this victory. However, unbeknownst to the populace, a newborn Riegan survived, and every royals aware of this dedicated themselves and their bloodlines to find the last Riegan, make them theirs, and finally accomplish the prophecy.

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