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Unlike the "carved" condition, being hallowed isn't always visible. If carved bloodlines are signals, hallowed people are chosen for specific tasks, gifted with the divine powers of the Goddess herself. What their mission is tends to be obscure, but the majority of both hallowed and their missions were announced through the prophecies of the Oracles. Hallowed people's powers vary greatly, reflecting the Goddess' infinite abilities.

Transmission & Vectors

It isn't possible to transmit it.


The Goddess, in her infinite wisdom, selects new-born to fulfill missions in her name, when her children have drifted too much from their path or if they are in dire need of help.


It is only visible when once activated, when one's hair turn snow white and the eyes solar golden. It lasts as long as said person still has enough divine energy to fuel the condition.


There is no way to get unhallowed, but if a hallowed has learnt to control their condition, they can choose to stop activating it.


The first time this condition is activated is under an inhuman amount of physical or mental distress, combined with indomitable will. After this, the state will activate when needed without the need of stress. One can also learn to activate it on will.


Although the state should be deactivated as soon as the divine energy is depleted, it has been recorded that some hallowed were able to use vital energy to fuel it instead. This is risky, however, in worst cases, it can lead to death, but even in the least extreme cases, the sequela can take many forms: physical cracks, being cut to one's magical connection, amnesia or memory issues, fainting or tiredness, the dysfunction of senses, personality alteration, and so on.

Affected Groups

Although not exclusive to carved bloodlines, the majority of hallowed people come from carved families.


It is impossible to prevent, and if anything else, most people would be thrilled to have been chosen. The only people who would wish to avoid it are the selfish or the self-centered.


The oldest divine condition, some argue that the carved condition exists to signal the arrival of a hallowed within a bloodline, however, scholars consider this too much of an unreliable measure as even commoners have been hallowed, when not a single commoner has ever been carved.

Cultural Reception

Hallowed people are unanimously perceived as divine heroes. Many stories tell their tales and they're often represented in the arts. It isn't uncommon for people to change their attitude completely toward the people whose hallowed state has manifested for the first time. People will want to please them in hope to please the Goddess in return.
Chronic, Congenital
Extremely Rare


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