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Chapter 5: House of Penthru

Early morning, you enter the necropolis once more. The location you picked from the basket this time is a home. Roughly marked on the map is a three story building up on Vizer Hill; one of the wealthier neighborhoods overlooking the old cemetary you explored the previous day. Based on the map, it's one of 5 homes still intact. As you make your way up the street, the sand softens the edges edges of the area and coats the landscape in a uniform color; more peaceful than what you've seen so far. Behind you, there's a commotion of dogs barking, and they are familar ones as they run past. adjacent two you are the Desert Dogs. they also got one of the homes up on Vizer hill.  
Hello Neighbor? Can you spare a cup of honey?
— Bakmose
Bakmose jokes as he holds out a cup. Jeth and Jake chuckle as they look at the walls around the place.
Have pity on them Bakmose, they aren't going to find anything of value let alone honey.
— Sethom
Sethom stops at the gated entrance to their chosen location, motioning to Bakmose to come check the lock. A quick glance back at Sethom as to the sillyness of the lock, that with a hammer swing, the lock pops off the gate
You're right, Sethom, since we're neighbors, please cry out if you guys need help.
— Bakmose
Laughter is heard as all four head through the gate.
The Wall
Limestone walls ten feet high enclose this estate, affording those who once lived inside some privacy. A three-story stone house is visible beyond the walls, adjoining the rear wall of the property. In the center of the estate's southern wall stands a pair of tarnished bronze gates hanging partially open. A pair of statues flanks the gate. Dusty script is carved into the wall at eye level to the left of the gate. The script reads "House of Pentheru" in Demotic Script. The statues depict two men with a regal bearing and dressed in loose, short robes and traditional Khemetian head cloths. A successful DC 10 Perception check reveals small script on the statues' bases that identify the figures as Pentheru the Elder and Pentheru the Younger. The bronze gates are decrepit and appear to have been broken open long ago, but not open very far. There is no means to secure them, and they would not stand much punishment (hardness 9, hp 30, break DC 15).
Servant's Quarters
Entertainment Room
Dining Room
Harwam Bedroom
Ariseti Bedroom
Master Bedroom
Guest Room
Family Tomb
The Passage
The Ossuary
Burial Chamber
Treasure Room

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