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Clark Orbital Mining Platform

The Clark Orbital Mining Platform is one of two "Cloud Cities" created by The United Nations of the Earth and Moon after the The Deep Freeze with the intent of mining rare and valuable Venesium.

Guilds and Factions


Construction on Clark Orbital Mining Platform began a year after Lewis', but was completed only a month after its sister station. Clark Platform, although riddled with problems, proved to be the most profitable Venesium mining operation in human history, before UNEM began evacuations due to the incredibly dangerous conditions the facility dealt with and the high mortality rate of the miners.


Standard UNEM industrial and mining architecture. Massive Venesium powered propulsion engines keep the large dish like structure above the toxic and heavy atmosphere. Landing pads are spread across the top of the facility, as well as buildings resembling Earth's skyscrapers, and a large destroyed tower containing the stations communication and command center. A large shielded "arm" containing lifts and mining implements dangles from the center of the dish into the dense atmosphere of the planet. The only external passages and walkways are large and crude in order to allow room for bulky pressure suits to make quick repairs.
Location under
Reese Newark
Owning Organization
The Mars Coalition
Characters in Location
Reese Newark

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