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The Ken Proliferation

276 ADF

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Less than 200 years in the future, Humanity has spread throughout the solar system. Mars has seceded from Earth's governments and organizations, creating a Utopian society known as the MC (or Mars Coalition). Following the Deep Freeze on Earth (a catastrophic and near apocalyptic ice age killing over 75% of the human population), the majority of the planet's rich and royal population have migrated to the moon (which is now commonly referred to as Luna). Tensions rise between the MC and UNEM (or the United Nations of the Earth and Moon) as the struggle for political, material, and scientific prowess progresses. Tensions are strained further by the radical movements of the OPA. The Outer Planets' Association (or OPA) is thought of by some as a terrorist organization, and by others a necessary rebel/union group, and is prevalent in most "settlements" further than Mars.

Table of Contents


  • Map of The Sol System