Secular Heralds

To Challenge the will of Fate, that is the path of the Fool

Brief Summary

The Secular Heralds is an ancient organization formed in the early days of the Age of the Idols. It has persisted through time, always present, always watching. It's presence is only know by a few, it's intentions are even more obscure. It's members are often powerful, whether that be physically, magically, or politically; or, sometimes they are the common man. As long as they have a good view of the realm.  


Ever Watchful

The Heralds have eyes all across Etherlen, always bringing in information to better guide their judgement. They know the current news on major Kingdoms and events. They achieve such vast information through their members. Many are in high political positions, or have major power where they reside.

Eternal Balance

The main purpose of the organization is to keep balance between good and evil in the realm. They want true balance, neither end of having more grip than the other. Through their watchful eyes and their other scrying methods, they can watch the balance shift in the various parts of the world. The ways in which the group acts to achieves this balance varies on the severity of the imbalance.


The members of the Secular Heralds never reveal their faces to each other. Only in very rare situations has any other member known the identity of another. Whenever they meet they wear white hoods and black stone masks. Often times they speak through verbal spells and hand written letters. Through having no identity to the other, it allows them to easily not giveaway their positions across the realm. No one can betray the group and give away identities as they are all hidden. No faces can be made if another member is seen, as no one knows who is who. The faceless ways of the group protect the organization and allows it to act into eternity.

Power and Action

  Very rarely does the group directly interact with the course of the realm. Rather, they guide other players to act in certain ways, often to their planning. They are a second hand to the major influences, subtly redirecting their focus and values. However, sometimes things call for immediate powerful action. In these moments the Heralds will send direct representatives to deal with the situation,
The crest of the Heralds depicts the realm floating, while the heralds surround the realm, protecting it. The hands of light and dark grasp each other to signify their unity and shared existence. Amongst the light and dark is the fabled hood of a herald member, their face hidden by a dark rock mask.
Founding Date
592 AI
Secret, Occult
Notable Members

Cover image: Nebula by Shahab Alizadeh
Character flag image: Empyreal - Pillar of Will by Sheppi


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