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Ascension of Weñeleth

The story of how an ordinary dark elf ascended to the heavens, and gave way for the Idols...

Written by Ace Infinity


Elures, a Roaming Soul

  In the year -660, three centuries after the Elven Civil War, Elures was born. She was born by a normal pair of dark elves deep within the ground. As she lived her childhood, she would be taught common dark elf beliefs. Such as their anguish towards the divines and the other elves. However, Elures never seemed to care much about such things. Once she was of age, she sought out on her own to explore the grand world she had been birthed in.  
And so she did. She roamed the great caverns below for some time, before eventually finding her way to the surface. The sun bothered her, but that wasn't enough to deter her. A whole new part of the realm had opened up to her. For the next century she explored the Continent of Origin. She conversed her way through difficult situations, and made many friends along the way. During these travels Elures began to grow a fondness towards the gods. The beauty of Etherlen, it was all formed because of the acts of the gods. Their acts formed this wonderful realm. However, this opened another door. She became confused as to the idea of why the gods were banished from their own creation. Horrible atrocities were being committed, thousands were dying. If the gods could simply touch the world they had made, they could end all said suffering.

Grand Ambition

Elures began to search and research about the divines and their history. Any clue she could find would aid her. This is when she learned about the great barrier that surrounds Etherlen, which prevents any divine influence from entering. She learned of ancient names that had never been muttered my mortals, entities that resided above the divines she knew. One in particular that called to her, was Forźeldiath. This calling grew into an obsession. Something about this entity had awoken a deep and primal part within Elures. She studied this entity with the help of the High Elves that resided in the Elven Realm of Sol'Anar. It is during this period that they learned of the the process of ascending beyond mortality. To ascend to divine status. Elures had found her final purpose.
Elures is believed to be the first ever mortal to learn of the Mian and possibly even Koŕthries the All-Father. Her research would aid in our current understanding of the gods and their formation.


During Elures' travels, she had made numerous friends, and was well liked everywhere she went. Her dark skin never seemed to impede her charismatic ways, even amongst the High Elves. However, if Elures was to ascend to god-hood, she needed to be worshipped like one. So- she made a hard choice. She chose to use all the friends she had made in her life, and turn them into worshippers of her.

The Deception

She would persuade them to start worshipping a new false entity she had created called Weñeleth. Little did they know, this entity was actually Elures. It would take nearly a century, starting with her close friends, and slowly expanding into the High Elves. In the end, Elures would amass a few thousands followers, all pouring their will and devotion into her. She began to feel the effects as well. She started to feel unaffected by ageing, and even felt her own abilities begin to heighten. However, she had not forgotten her purpose. Through the guise of Weñeleth, she called all of her followers to an ancient mountain peak, perched upon the Mountain of Era'Aino.

Purpose Fulfilled

Once atop the peak, Elures and her followers all turned towards the sky. The mountain began to hum, blue energy began to lift up from the ground towards the heavens. The sky itself began to bend inwards towards the ground, eventually meeting the peak of Era'Aino. From the precipice the sky slightly cracked, and emerging from it was a godly pale white hand. The hand dripped of blood, reaching out towards Elures. Elures grapsed the hand, and as soon as they touched the world went bright white. When the light faded, all was as it was. The sky was back to normal, and everyone was where they stood before the flash. Everyone except Elures...

Weñeleth, from Idea to Flesh

Elures had been shaped into the very entity she created, Weñeleth. Now apart of the very Pantheon that watches over Etherlen. The first ever instance of a Mortal becoming a divine. However, Weñeleth was different from the other deities. Weñeleth still had a part of Elures in them, and so... with all their new found godly power, they channeled it into the barrier that surrounds Etherlen. This power was enough to tear out a small hole in the barrier. A small and Invisible hole... However, the barrier was self healing, and so for the hole to remain open, Weñeleth must forever focus the majority of their power into keeping the hole open...

Long Lasting Consequences

  Before the hole that was created by Weñeleth, only mortals had exsisted within Etherlen. The divines had been locked out, alongside all manner of creatures that served them. But, now that there was a hole, there was a passageway. For both good and bad. The divines could now interact in a second hand way with the relam. Clerics and Paladins were born, possessing divine gifts for their worship. They would help to cure disease, provide safety, and provide healing. However, ancient creatures could now be brought back in. Worshippers of the dark gods would summon demons and fiends to terrorize the realm. Creatures from the abyss and other sub realms would find their way onto Etherlen. Elures had fulfilled her purpose. She allowed the divines to fix the atrocities that plagued the world, but she also gave way for darker and stronger evils to replace that which she tried to fix. Not only that, she would allow for something she never even considered...  
Now that the divines could at long last, finally interact with the world, they could now funnel their energy in different ways through the hole. This would be in the form of Clerics, Paladins, and the Idols...
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Date of Setting

The ability for Mortals to Ascend to god-hood was a gift given by the Mian Forźeldiath. They wished for their to be some way for mortals to influence the realm of the Astar (gods), and so this was their solution. If a mortal could gain enough of a following, that akin to a god, then they could ascend to become part of Etherlen's Pantheon.   Read more about the Deities by clicking below:  
Creation of Etherlen & Her Gods
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