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At first I thought I had stepped upon a stiff mattress, like what noblemen all sleep on. Then I felt a deep, rumbling breath. The ground below me shook and I looked up into the glowing yellow eye of the Hinox.
  Towering, one-eyed giants found in solitary camps of their own making throughout Hyrule, Hinox are a scourge for many travelers. While bipedal, they are lumbering creatures, whose limbs are as thick as some trees. Most do well enough to be left alone and can usually be steered clear of if found asleep, but they are lazy and will usually not traipse of after an intruder for long unless something of personal value was taken from them.   Distant relatives of the Blin, Hinox bear similar wide, toothy grins, squished, pig like noses and long, pointed ears. They do sport a comically small horn compared to he large size of their head, but they make up for that with their hair that grows around their ears.   While not particularly bright, they have been known to collect weapons and artifacts and chain them together into crude jewelry. Older Hinox have even been seen wearing the skin of Lynels as crude vests and loincloths.
Average Height
Full grown Hinox average 892 cm at the shoulder.
Average Weight
The plural of Hinox is Hinox. Yes, it is because you never see two together.


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