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Summer Camp Reading Challenge - 2023


Summer Camp was fun this year. I did (just!) manage to reach Gold! I think it might be my best summer camp yet. I had to make sure I did not spend too much time formatting articles. I kept it simple and just about writing and including possible story leads.

The articles I write are to build the world my novels are written in, so I feel there is no need to add too many frills to them. This idea was somewhat liberating and I was able to write a lot more (instead of worrying about my lack of CSS).

I did have fun with the AI image software. I used Imagine AI Art generator. I found it very easy to use and the images turned out to be pretty stunning. Here is one of the mushrooms I created.

Behold the Big Buggle. I love how familiar and alien it looks at the same time.


I started well on my Sumer Camp reading and then with the pressure of writing articles and being abroad on holiday ... it fell by the wayside by the end of the month.
However, time to read again. I am so looking forward to it, and I want to think everyone who has been reading my articles. I had so many readers this year! It is really nice to get feedback and to know people enjoyed reading some of the articles.

Prompt 1: A character who excels in manipulating others

I did not have time to complete this prompt, but I had just the right character for it - one of the villains in 'The Hollow Moons' would fit that bill wonderfully. I am very curious to read about other people's characters in the same vein. Let's go.

Article 1: Zeresh Akmarov

Author: ausins92
World: The Lost Realms


I also picked this article for my Summer Reading. :D
I think that what I found attractive in the character is the contradictions: considered a 'true philanthropist by some and 'a venomous serpent' by others.
I also love the fact that he shows the dark side of being a storyteller - a very interesting subversion of the archetype.

Article 2: Hiyan Elmandjra Toulali

Author: Enoris Leinwant
World: Le Monde Onirique (Kyroste-Pedia)


  J'ai choisi cet article pour Summer Reading Camp 23.
J'aime beaucoup le fait qu' Hiyan soit un caractere complexe: ce melange de 'fourberie' dans un personage qui se veut libre des regles societales et travaille sans doute pour un monde plus juste. Tres interessant!

I have chose this article for the Summer Camp Reading Challenge 23.
I very much like that Hiyan is a complex character: this mix of 'subterfuge' in a character who wants to be free of society's urles and is very likely working for a fairer world. Very interesting!

Article 3: Miyoku Okino

Author: Chris Crowe
World: Syann


I have chosen your article for my Summer Camp Reading Challenge! I was really taken by your detailed story and description of Miyoku Okino. What really made the article and the character is your approach to 'trickery' as a tool for learning and discovery. Miyoku is such a complex character. Very enjoyable read.


I choose this prompt as my second choice as I was really stuck to find something original for it during Summer Camp. Really excited to see what peeps have come up with!

Article 1: Windstrider Station

Author: bardoftherift
World: Malgrave


A pick for my Summer Camp Reading Challenge! I love the idea of the centaur shunned from her tribe reinventing herself as a courier, a brilliant idea for a character. I can see a whole story and arc building up around Desha. Very well done.

Article 2: Deepwells

Author: Ninodonlord World: Tai'santh Hearth Link:


I have picked this article for my Summer Camp Reading Challenge. :D It never occurred to me to use Wells as a means of communication - I love the idea. We all know how words naturally carry underground through echoes etc. You could easily see this amplified by magic. Super idea. Yes, I agree also with the comment below - secret spooky deepwells, we want those. :P

Article 3: Nexus Lock

Author: Gnolli
World: Mundus


This article is one of my picks for the Summer Camp Reading Challenge. :D I think the idea of the nexus got me thinking about my own magical worldbuilding - I realised that something of that nature would be perfect in Alven. I am thinking about magical stone circles having the same function as the nexus - unbeknown to the present population. I also love the detailed explanations of how the nexus works. Brilliant. Thank you so much for the inspiration!


I really wanted to complete this diamond prompt, ran out of time. I wanted to put down some rules for the sign language of flowers I introduced last year. Next time!

Article 1: The Language of Bouquets

Author: Autumn Riverwood
World: Valyria+Kathrir


Love your article, I have added it to my Summer Camp Reading Challenge list. I am working on something similar to do with corsages and clans' communication. This was my plan for the prompt but I ran out of time! I don't think mine will have grammar, but I Iike the idea: 'a strip grass between two flowers' for a comma, brilliant.

Article 2: Lattice Squares

Author: Windoula
World: Geron


That is such an original idea, love it. I have picked your article to be included in my Summer Camp Reading Challenge list, too good to miss. So many juicy details about the system and how it came from, very well thought out.

Article 3: Smudge-Script

Author:CBH/Marshall H.
World: Summerdark


I agree with the post by Rumengol - I love how you show how the language evolved over time and how it now has become this other thing that people use for protection. I have put the article on my list for the Summer Camp Reading Challenge!

Final Thoughts

What an amazing bunch of articles. I could have added many more to the list. I will continue to like and comment on my (now) huge notification list.
Keep writing, peeps! :D


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