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Stjerkaler: Hjalti Evergrown

As seen in

(a.k.a. Farseer, Wise Man)

Personality Characteristics

Representation & Legacy

He was always known as a friend to Gjorn Fourth king of Dwarves and his Father in life. A close confidant that was a battlemage under Gjorn's father's reign for the Rhojic Clan that he himself called his own. Under Gjorn's father's legacy he had helped set up the Colony of Mhzuchet that is now the seat of Power for the Dwarven Wandering States.
An impregnable fortress of Dwarven architecture and military sensibilities. A bustling and vibrant city that all the nomads call home at one point or another these days. Full of all the legacies and notoriety the Dwarves have garnered themselves, they have funneled all their worldly wealth into the benefit and protection of the CIty. Hjalti having chosen the overhang that the City now resides, calling the bowl of mountains surrounding the overhang a perfect defensible position. One way in, no way out, no aerial threats. A wide open plain to grow crops with dozens of natural springs to supply the city. Perfect in every way.
Though in his later years as Gjorn's Father had passed, he became close friends with the New King as well. Offering his experiences as an advisor to the Fourth King. He was taken as advisor in all things metaphysical, magical, and arcane. Offering various differing opinions and expertise of the wide variety of odd artifacts and ruins the Rhojic ran across in their travels.
His Crowning legacy is this, however. In the Year of 1209, they had taken a Gnomish Fortress on the Isle of Mhuzelt to set up the groundwork to take their homeland back. Though many issues arose from the assault, the Young King had found a certain chamber with a single rune etched into the stone. It was from here that the Bluejay started his journey into the arcane with the help of Hjalti.
They had been able to decipher much of the rune on their own, though in the dead of night, Gjorn had figured out the last piece and Branch Walked into The Elsewhere. From this point was where Gjorn had acquired his peerless use of magic and earned himself the Nickname: Bluejay. Though this was mostly due to Hjalti constantly calling him that from here on out.
An immense amount of pride he had in his pupil. Though through reasons he was never given the full story too, he was still proud of Gjorn for achieving such an understanding of magic while under his watch.
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
1138 1227
On the roads between Isle of Mhuzelt and the Kingdom of Huron
Place of Death
Grey, wide and sleep bags evident
Long Grey hair with a knee length beard the same color
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark bronze sun-kissed skin. Weather worn, dry and wrinkly


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