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Pantheon of the Mortals

As the presence of the Old Gods moves further into shadows with the passing of time, the Gods and faith of the mortal races rise to the forefront of the world.  

New Gods

Albena the Silent

Symbol: White Serpent Head
A former Bannerman of Frontonce, Albena the Silent is viewed as both a hero and a villain. She was respected among the other bannerman as she had proven to them time and time again that she was as fierce and as skilled as many of the men. To many throughout the world she is seen as the "Butcher of the Dunes". Since breaking away from the Order she has established herself as the rules of the Dominion of Silence.  

Guiscard the Holy

Symbol: White Sun with a Crown atop
Guiscard the Holy is the father of the New Gods. Like all of the new gods, he has have gained his powers from the destruction of the Old Gods. As they drained the old gods of their powers and worshipers, Guiscard looks to reside as ruler of the entire world.  

Matthias the Shield of Man

Symbol: White Eagle
Little is known of Matthias, he is the only one of the New Gods who has not used his new found power as a weapon against any other. The only known fact about Matthias is that he is said to have slayed a great sea beast that tried to destroy several fishing villages and ports along the Golden Sea.  

The Red Emperor

Symbol: Red Sun
The Southern Empire is ruled by the Red Emperor who is the ultimate power of the nation. The first recorded texts of the Southern Empire tells of a man who climbed the Red Spires and came face to face with the Bringer of the Sun. The man would slay the God and begin to cut open its chest to reach its heart. When he pulled its heart from its chest he began to devour it as the sun was pulled from the sky. For 7 days the sun would turn all below it red. On the 8th day, the man finished the heart and proclaimed himself the God of the Red Spires and ascend as the Red Emperor. His children would go on to establish the Samru Empire and rule over the region for over a thousand years.

Mortal Religions


Symbol: White Skull
Ria is the belief that it is not the gods that control the world but fate guided by the spirits of ones ancestors. The religion is not based on good or evil but to lives ones life by their families set principles.  

Heart of the Mountain

Symbol: Gemstones
Heart of the Mountain is the belief that within each mountain is a heart made of stone. This heart is the power and strength of the mountain. To offer prayers to the mountain in return may lead to one finding great wealth in its depths. Its believed that Ondos placed the hearts there when he built the mountains.  


Symbol: Red Hand
Tez is the belief that when Ammsa created the physical realm, she put the blood of her self into the ground and gave life to a living being that resides deep within the earth. This being is what allows the rivers to flow deep and the grass to grow high. Anything that grows where the eye can see is out of the grace of Tez.

Seats of Power

Albena the Silent: Dominion of Silence
Guiscard the Holy: The Order of the White Sun
Matthias, Shield of Man: Unknown
The Red Emperor: The Samru Empire
Ria: The Free Harbors
Heart of the Mountain: The Andalashin Federation & The Norsskia Empire
Tez: Esr Reidho

Religious, Pantheon

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