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Kingdom of the Spring Isles

A relatively young nation of elves, the Kingdom of the Spring Isles have long tried to remain out of the affairs of men and elves. Their ancestors left the mainland many years before the Bloodletting, saving thousands from 400 years of horrors. While the mainland faced centuries of Bloodshed, the Golden Sea and the established trade routes with the former Principality of Regnis allows the Spring Isles to help thousands flee. While some looked for distant lands, many were given refuge in the Spring Isles and made a new life there.


Some time around 950 BEM, several tribes of elves took to the sea in the east in search for new lands. Many were tired of the greedy tribes of man that plagued the mainland. Several years later they would make a new home in what they would call the Spring Isles. For centuries the tribes that sailed to the islands would stay mostly separated, however around 450 BEM, more and more ships would be seen off the coast of the Spring Isles. These ships flying unrecognized banners would push the tribes to gather and decide their people future.

The Isles



Louksus, Bringer Of The Moon

The second son of Kemaki & Ammsa, Louksus was given the immortal form of a wolf by him mother. Every night he was tasked with calling to the moon & stars to light the night sky. He would eventually bring forth 2 races that would honor and worship him and his mother; Elves & Esr-Hai. The elves were to be children of the night and would pray to him, while the Esr-hai were to pray to the earth and his mother in honor of the blood she sacrificed to nurture the land.
The Mahri have long been followers of Louksus, bringer of the Moon, who they believes lives somewhere on the Spring Isles. Its believed that when he left the mainland, he hopped from island to island before settling in a cave where he has slept for thousands of years.


Since their time in the Spring Isles they have also come to worship the Susus. The Susus were giant sea turtles who were believed to have raised the Spring Isles, along with all the other islands of the world, from the depths of the sea at the request of Louksus to his sister Mari.
Founding Date
447 BEM
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
The Isles, Kingdom of the Moon
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