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The Key of Dartar

As you brush away the snow you see a faint glimmer of gold jutting out of the frosty ground. With a sudden rush of excitement, you dig through the snow, when you pull your treasure away, you can bearly contain yourself, it's the key! It's the KEY! You shout. But then you feel someone shaking you, as you wake up you realize that there is now key and that is was all another one of your delusional fantasies.
  The Key of Dartar is a 5-inch long brass key, that unlocks the ancient door in the heart of Skyreach. This key was lost years ago during the battle between the god Galgazar and the young boy Faent. It was said to have fallen off the highest northern cliff of Skyreach, but dispite weeks of serching it was never found.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

This is just a simple brass key. It has many magical wards that prevent it from being destroyed to replicated. The bit of the key is arranged in a mind-boggling twisted pattern anyone who attempts to study it takes 3d10 psychic damage and be stunned for 1 minute, the damage can be halved if the victim succeeds a DC 20 Wisdom saving throw, success on this save also prevents the stunned condition.

Manufacturing process

This key was magically created out of the unshaped void by the lucid Heria.


No one knows exactly what lies beyond the doors in Skyreach, but whatever it is it is extremely valuable and significant.
Item type
Unique. Magical wards prevent it from being replicated.
2 oz.
5 inches long, 1 cm. diamiter.
Base Price
Many people would give anything for this key
Raw materials & Components
The key is made primarily of brass. The ring is inlaid with gold, and auton steel.

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