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The Lord of Light Gritmoug Sach Nartash (a.k.a. Grit)

Gritmoug is a who despises his race's ways. He and his small following seek the ways of good and light instead of wallowing in darkness and evil. he is a follower of a small religion followed by only a few shadow goblins, that highlight virtue like kindness and good. These goblins have left the caves of Skyreach and traveled to the far side of Dartar and set up a small base there.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Gritmoug grew up in a Shadow Goblins warren is Skyreach, he was disgusted by his people's dark ways and wished to renew goblin prestige, throwing aside their dark past. His ideas were shunned and he and his followers were banished. In his exile, he led his followers onto the surface. He fell in love with Dartar's and decided to stay. He sought refuge in the human settlement of Yaltar, but they threw him out because of this heritage. He realized that no one would expect him for any reason, and thus he had to make the society that he was to live in. He and his followers traveled to the outer edges of Dartar and built a small village at the foot of one of the outer mountains. There they grew stronger, and now he is preparing for all-out war with his former kin.


Gritmoug never had a proper education he mostly figured things out on his own. He actually is extremely intelligent, despite his lack of education.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Gritmoug has formed an entirely new religion and created a secondary identity that any shadow goblin can take up, as well as building his own society from scratch. Gritmoug is by far the most achieved goblin in Dartar.

Personality Characteristics


To bring his race into a new age, and show his kin the light of the holy one.

Personality Quirks

Every Shadow Goblin has an obsession of some sort, Gritmoug's is egg collecting. Gritmoug's egg collection is one of the greatest in the universe, it contains thousands of unhatched wonders. He has green eggs, blue eggs, and even striped and polka-dotted ones. Some of his eggs have six or seven yokes inside. He has eggs from all manner of creatures too, from leviathans to deamons, he has them all. Some of these eggs are fertile and when one hatches he raises the creature as a pet.
Lawful Good
Date of Birth
Short and black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark greyish green
4' 5"
Quotes & Catchphrases
The death of a shadow leaves yet one more place where light can shine. -Gritmoug
Known Languages

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