Tau Ceti III Research Mission

Tau Ceti III Research Mission is a permament research mission of the New Oxford University on the surface of Tau Ceti III. Its purpose is to observe and study the Asta discreetly and without interference. This is achieved by researchers having surgical and cosmetic alterations which makes them appear like Asta. Additionally, the research posts are masked as shops or workshops.

Today the Asta in this region of the planet celebrate the Birthday of the Three, one of the most important holidays of their religion. A procession went from the Grand Cathedral to the Mound of the Three, a sacred hill just outside the city walls
— Research log of one of the mission's outposts

Joining the Mission

The mission has a limited number of people at any given time to limit the risk of cultural contamination. Additionally, every researcher can be on the planet for the maximum time of one month. After that time they need to free the space of a different one. They can return after at least three months.

Expedition, Scientific
Alternative Names
TCRM, Asta Mission
Parent Organization

Cover image: Galaxy by Jeremy Thomas


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