Asta are a humanoid species from the planet Tau Ceti III. Their civilization is currently in the equivalent of the Earth's renaissance period. Art and science are currently developing very fast and people are beginning to understand the world around them more and more.

The Asta are currently being studied by the United Republic of Earth and its Colonies through its research colony of New Oxford located on the planet's moon.

Basic Information


Asta are humanoid, but are more repitilian than mammalian. Their whole body is covered in scales in different shades of green. The only part of their body not covered in scales is the face. It looks similarly to a human face, but is green.

Genetics and Reproduction

Asta reproduce through eggs. About 2-3 weeks after mating, a female lays an egg. The incubation period last for about 11 weeks. During this time the egg must be kept warm. Most often it is done through the use of the natural warmth of plants and earth.

Ecology and Habitats

Asta seem to be adapted to almost every climate present on Tau Ceti III. Their communities can be found everywhere from the hot climate of the equator regions to the cold climate of the poles. The latter is really interesting to the human biologists. Until the discovery of the Asta it was believed that reptiles don't live in cold regions.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Asta are omnivores with a strong preference towards meat. They eat the meat of both wild and domesticated animals. In most regions animals that can be compared with Earth's pigs, chicken and cows are consumed mostly by the lower classes. Meanwhile, the upper classes consume mostly the meat of wild animals. Many countries have special laws that regulate who is allowed to hunt in the forests. Often only hunters designated by nobles and nobles themselves are allowed.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Asta are hierarchical in nature. Vast majority of the countries on their planet is governed by some form of monarchy. Only a few more egalitarian societies exist.

Such a social structure doesn't surprise human scientists. Societies on such a level of development are expected to be organized like this. Comparing that to human history it seems normal.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Asta's sensory abilities are generally the same as Humans'. Their sight, smell and taste are very good. However, their hearing is poor. Additionally, they have one additional sensory organ that is sensitive to heat. It detects warmth of living beings around them. As the result Asta are good in navigating darkness.

Civilization and Culture

Gender Ideals

In most Asta societies genders are treated equally and both men and women can be seen in positions of power. Human scientists speculate that biology had a big role in it. As Asta are born from eggs and females don't need to spend a lot of time sitting on those eggs, there is no period of time when females are excluded from social life. Additionally, the equal gender roles are reinforced by the dominant Asta religion, the so-called Church of the Three. The three main deities of the Church are a man, a woman and a non-binary being.

The gender equality among the Asta is a fascinating thing. The reflection of it in the dominant religion shows that it has been present for centuries. They may be less advanced technologically than us, but are way ahead of us socially
— A human xenoanthropologist

Culture and Cultural Heritage

The biggest common element between Asta societies is the Church of the Three, the planet's dominant religion. It worships a triad of deities which are a man, a woman and a non-binary being. Each of the deities represents important aspects of Asta culture. Man represents order and hierarchy, woman represents family and community, and non-binary being represent equality.

90 years
Average Height
1.8 meters
Average Weight
80 kg
Geographic Distribution

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