New Oxford University

New Oxford University is the main scientific and educational institution on New Oxford, a moon orbiting Tau Ceti III. Thanks to be located next to the Asta it is a big centre of xenoanthropology, xenoarchaeology, genetics and biology in the United Republic of Earth and its Colonies. Many people consider it the best university in all of the United Republic.


The university is divided into five faculties dedicated to different areas of science. All of the faculties have courses for students as well as units that focus solely on research.


  • Faculty of Xenoanthropology
  • Faculty of Xenoarchaeology
  • Faculty of History
  • Faculty of Genetics and Biology
  • Faculty of Psychology

  • Additionally, the university has some smaller independant research units that don't run courses for students. Those are the Geological Survey Lab, Alien Climate Lab and Planetary Scanning Lab.

    Public Agenda

    The main goal of the New Oxford University is to observe and study the Asta. Many scientists believe that understanding a sapient species that is in an earlier development period may be beneficial to understanding human history.

    Also, as an educational institution, the university strives to educate new scientists who, one day, will take up the mantle of leading the research all over the United Republic. That goal is clearly represented in the expectations and requirements presented to the students. Only the best are admitted to the university and only the best of them get to stay. On average about 1/4 of students drop out or doesn't pass final exams each year.

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