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Mushroom Beer

Highly Intoxicated

Written by Endrise

Either the alchohol destroyed his liver or the mushrooms rotted his brains. Regardless, pick him up and get him out of the tavern will ya?
— Dwarven barkeeper

Mushroom beer is a type of ale brewed all across the Subterrane. Using Fungi found all over the caverns, it acts as both an intoxicating alcohol but also in some cases a good hallucinatic.

Shroom Brews

Most mushroom beers use mushroom extracts to get their particular taste. By letting the fungus boil in the wort for several minutes, it takes the flavour into the end result. Depending on how strong one wants it to be, the amount of mushrooms boiled increases.

Magical Properties

Certain mushrooms are known for their peculiar abilities when eaten. Most properties also find their way when used for the various types of beers. Hence there are countless types of mushroom beer that provide particular tastes or even magical effects when drunk.


  • Pepper Mushroom: Gives a burning sensation in the back of the throat. Not suited for those who have a weak heart or a weak stomach.
  • Frostcap: A refreshing beverage that can give someone a warm feeling inside, but also can cause a fever if drank too much.
  • Mad Hat: A pschydellic drink that can make one both drunk and high at the same time. It's best to avoid having a lot of stimuli around you when drinking it.
  • Thunder Umbrella: A shocking brew that sparks one's senses, acting similarly to coffee. Overdosing can lead to becoming hyperactive and very twitchy.
  • Trumpet Cap: A beer that also can be quite fizzy, leading to it making one able to belch loudly if drank too much. Can be very upsetting for the stomach though.
  • Gloom Shroom: A very bitter beer that can be for some people quite repulsive but for others have a dark taste to it. Prone to being very bad on the liver for those not used to it.
  • Mage Cap: A very sweet alcoholic beverage that commonly is referred to as Fae Spit. Supposedly grants people an additional immunity against all magic.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Very common
Base Price
600 gp/gallon

Brewed in the dankest caves

The brew finds its popularity underground with Dwarves, Duergar and Drow alike. Depending on the various types of mushrooms farmed and the culture behind each brew, the tastes are wildly different.

There is almost an entire subculture regarding brewing such beers, with many recipes existing for it too. Numerous cities, families and other folk have their own brews, making it wortwhile to explore the Subterrane just for the drinks alone.

One very popular brand is Firenchawn Brew, based of the mythical entity of the same name. However, unlike the horrific undead it's based off, the mascot for it gets instead depicted with a classical mushroom hat.

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Author's Notes

This article was made for the Inktober 2019 challenge, under the theme of Dizzy.

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