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Midnight Serpent

Written by Endrise

Goddess of Chance Laima (a.k.a. Lady Luck)

Fate is not something you can attempt to cheat or trick. It is a force that will give you karma no matter what cards you might pull out your sleeve.
— Laima

Laima is deemed as the goddess of fate and fortune, the patron of all those who gamble with life itself. Although she might look like the person who grants you wealth and fame, in actuality she is the personification of chance. The roll of the dice, the all or nothing gamble with existence itself. And those who worship her know how chaotic such randomness can be.

Tenets of Faith

  1. Accept that the world does no favourite anyone.
  2. Do not tempt fate, for it might bite you back.
  3. Do not cheat fate, for it might bite you back.
  4. You don't have to accept every chance fate throws at you. Be free to pick your own choices.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

As a goddess of chance and randomness, Laima's goals tend to be confusing for even some of her most devote followers. Whereas most people might believe her to favour fortune and good luck, she also represents misfortune and bad luck at the same time. She desires to not pick sides in the conflicts of existence, instead walking the fine line between both.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Laima appears as a short but curvaceous Halfling woman that has an appearance that can be as chaotic as her personality: a messy bun, an outfit thrown together and an appearance that just screams somebody who couldn't care less about her looks.

Identifying Characteristics

The most noticeable feature from Laima is her black serpent tattoo which wraps around her right arm: a detailed depiction of a snake with the head on her hand and two ruby eyes.

Special abilities

Laima is a well-known illusionist and trickster, capable of causing as much chaos as she desires. Her most common form of spellcasting tends to be illusion magic to warp the mind and surroundings of her victims, creating traps in their image. This can be anything from changing their cards to even more traumatising effects.

Apparel & Accessories

Similar to her chaotic nature, Laima is known to make her attire out of whatever she might find in the closet: an oversized trenchcoat, a pair of leather gloves, a pearl necklace and a belt with all kinds of tools and holsters hanging from it. In her bags one could find everything from dice to decks of cards, supposedly even a few magic items related to playing with fate...

Specialized Equipment

Although she does not appear to be a master in combat herself, she does have two main types of weapon Laima is trained in: throwing daggers and her trusted revolver. She wears a holster around her belt to seal the revolver in, with on her right thigh having a sheath for her dagger.

Mental characteristics

Accomplishments & Achievements

Laima has a long history with dealing with those who cheat fate alongside an infamous gambling addiction. Such accomplishments involve:

  • Winning a prize of nearly 100 million gold.
  • Exposing a cheater by making his weighted dice roll poor numbers instead.
  • Exposing another cheater by making any coin he touches scorch his hands.


Laima has a taboo against all forms of cheating, no matter how dire the situations might be. Those who tempt fate by going against established rules are as such punished, often in games of her own design. Sometimes this can be as simple as branding them with a tattoo while severe cases have led to death.


Hobbies & Pets

Laima is known to actually have a pet snake she carries around her neck who she has named Blackjack: a massive anaconda which is said to be also quite the rules lawyer. Whenever it senses somebody is cheating in its master's games, it goes in to constrict their hand or entire body to have judges inspect any attempts of cheating.

As a goddess of gambling however, she is infamous for hosting and participating in several games of luck and dice: poker, roulette, blackjack, etc. Sometimes she offers a simple guessing game like rock-paper-scissors, in more extreme cases even pulling out deadlier knife games and such.

Areas of Concern
Gambling, Fate, Fortune and Snakes
Divine Symbol
A serpent coiling around the moon
Chaos, Luck, Moon, Scalykind
Favoured Weapon

Chaotic Neutral
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lady Luck
The Midnight Serpent
Green, snake-like
Brown bun
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
3'1" | 94 cm
Aligned Organization

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Cover image: Blank Cover by Endrise


Author's Notes

This article was made during the WorldEmber 2019 event throughout the month of December. Light up the forge my friends!

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