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There is an ancient megalithic temple on the outskirts of the village. There is another one three quarters of a mile southwest of the village, on the coast.


There are 14 households in the town that own a total of 298 acres. Another 149 acres are traditionally the Baron's demesne. One household is a Hideholder (owning 120 acres of land). Three households are Virgators (owning 30 acres). Four households are Half-Virgators (owning 15 acres). One household is a Quarter-Virgators (owning 8 acres). The remaining five households are smallholders (owning 4 acres or less).

There are two clergy though there is no church.

There are 152 total livestock- 20 are Oxen. 31 are sheep, goats, pigs, and an occasional horse and dairy cow. The remaining 101 are fowl of one type or another, geese, chickens, and some random ducks.


The original inhabitants of Birodi built the megalithic temples in the area. The village itself was originally settled by ancient Chazians. While the Urbiot Empire controlled the islands, they did not place any permanent presence in the village, as they were more focused on their naval base across from Conspiua. After the Urbiot Empire retreated back to the Urbian Peninsula and Tibos, none of the other subsequent cultures that controlled Birodi made any significant changes to the village.

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