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This is a small village on a peninsula extending from the south side of Birodi's best anchorage. It was a wretched hive of scum and villiany, as it was overrun by pirates that used Birodi as a base to pillage the trade of the southern Mare Inibris. These pirates had most of the inhabitants of Birodi cowed into submission. However the arrival of the Seneschal of Birodi has removed the pirates from the village, and the Seneschal's small fleet of three sailing ships berths here.

About three quarters of a mile outside the village on the road to Zebug is a megalithic temple complex that also contains a Hypogeum, or underground necropolis. Across the harbor at the end of the peninsula that separates the two northeast anchorages are the ruins of an old Urbian castrum.


There are 29 households in the town that own a total of 477 acres. Another 239 acres are traditionally the Baron's demesne. One household is a Hideholder (owning 120 acres of land). They are descendants of retainers of the former baronial family. Six households are Virgators (owning 30 acres). seven households are Half-Virgators (owning 15 acres). Three households are Quarter-Virgators (owning 8 acres). The remaining twelve households are smallholders (owning 4 acres or less). The smallholders are often the tradesmen in the village.

There is one Warden in the town.

There are four clergy though there is no church.

The following five tradesmen households are in the village:

A Shoemaker, A Furrier, A Maidservant, A Tailor, and a Tavernkeeper.

There are also ten fishermen households in the village.

There are 317 total livestock- 32 are Oxen. 74 are sheep, goats, pigs, and an occasional horse and dairy cow. The remaining 211 are fowl of one type or another, geese, chickens, and some random ducks.

Industry & Trade

Fishing is a major industry for the village, in addition to the standard village agriculture.


The town is built around some docks on the south side of the main anchorage that provide enough berths for ten keelboats and five sailing ships.

There is one tavern in the town.

Guilds and Factions

There is an armigerious family in the town. They are trying to reassert control now that the pirates are gone.


The original inhabitants of Birodi built an underground necropolis in the area. The necropolis has been used by every subsequent culture that has settled in the islands. The village itself was originally settled by ancient Chazians. While the Urbiot Empire controlled the islands, they did not place any permanent presence in the village, as they were more focused on their naval base across the anchorage. Conspiua was the "civilian" anchorage. After the Urbiot Empire retreated back to the Urbian Peninsula and Tibos, the Chazian Empire briefly held the islands. Conspiua continued to be the settlement nearest the small naval base. As the Lagic tribes expanded across Meridia a minor Amir took over the islands and used them a base to attack Anerian shipping. During this time, the village became the naval base itself. When the Fordanish adventurers took the islands for the Duke of Ivenia, they continued to use the village as their main port.

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