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Westwick is a small fishing village on the western shore of Tolpereth, a day’s ride north from the nearest town.


Constable- Warrior 4
6 Militia- 2 Warrior 2, 4 Warrior 1
Bard 2 (Innkeeper- Alderman)
2 Bard 1 (Cook and Maid/Server)
Halfling Rogue 2 (Fishmonger- Alderman)
2 Halfling Rogue 1 (Salters)
Cleric 3 (Parish Priest)
2 Cleric 1 (Acolytes)
Commoner 7 (Mayor)
2 Commoner 4 (Aldermen)
4 Commoner 2
41 Commoner 1
Expert 6 (Blacksmith- Alderman)
2 Expert 3 (Boatwright, Netmaker)
4 Expert 1 (4 apprentices)


Village Council (6 members)- Lawful Good


No physical defenses. There is a village constable and a militia of 6 other warriors.

Industry & Trade

The primary industry is fishing, with any excess fish being salted and sold to cities and towns inland.


Maximum Gold value 40 gp,Total Assets 200 gp.

Guilds and Factions

The most experienced Expert in the village is the blacksmith. There is also a boatwright and a netmaker. The blacksmith and the netmaker each have an apprentice, and the boatwright has two.


A small circular cove faces south-west, with a small island off the northern point. The island has a ruined tower on it, and the masonry bridge that connected it with the northern point has crumbled.

The village proper is built around a green just off the cove. On the southern point is the Parish Church dedicated to Saint Herunen, whose spire is a 50 foot tower that is the new lighthouse.

Natural Resources

Good fishing close by offshore.


  • Village of Westwick
100 (72 Adults 28 children)
Location under
Owning Organization

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