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Order of the Knight Companions

They are investigators for the High King of Tolpereth.



Serjeants are commoners who see to the day to day operations of the Knight Companions. These are "sqaddies" that are used for expected "troublesome" arrests and the clerks and functionaries that support Order operations. They are not knights themselves, but are employees of the order. Most of the guards of the White Tower in Pokidum are Serjeants.

Knight Bachelor

This is the lowest level of the actual Knights of the Order. These knights are considered to be Knights of the Royal Household. So, they may claim hospitality (within reason) at royal castles and manors, and draw on Royal resources (within reason) to accomplish their assignments. Investiture at this level is usually not attached to any land holdings. Holders of this rank are entitled to use the honorific "Sir" or "Dame" before their names. This is not an armigerious rank- so it does not confer a grant of arms. Most of these knights are minor Royal officials or the actual field agents used by Sir Dunstan.

Knight Banneret

Knights of this rank are often those responsible for overseeing important Royal castles and estates. This rank is armigerious, and comes with a grant of arms.

Knight Commander

These knights are the most senior rank, and usually report directly to Sir Dunstan. They are capable (and expected) to launch and resolve investigations and operations on their own. Nimé and Sir Glastan Fasthand are of this rank in the Order.

Grand Commander

This is a unique position in the Order, and is the actual leader of the Order (the nominal head is the High King of Tolpereth). This position is currently held by Sir Dunstan.

Military Order
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Parent Organization
Kingdom of Tolpereth

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