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Henry of Esek

Earl of Esek Henry

Henry's life had been spent in service to The Crown, and this service had raised him from a minor landholder in the Earldom of Esek to the highest Judge in the Kingdom of Tolpereth, Regent for the current King's father when he was first assumed the throne as a minor, and then Earl of Esek. Shortly after securing the throne for the 9 year old King Gilbert III (King Edmund's father), Henry married his first wife, Isabel of Norwood, at age 47. His oldest son, William of Anglebury, was born the next year in 1202. William was followed by Alan of Anglebury in 1204 and Geoffrey of Anglebury in 1206. Unfortunately, Isabel died during the birth of Geoffrey.   The next year (1207), Arwen of Telian's Wood was elected Countess of Telian. Due to his position as Justicar and Regent, and his, by now, extensive holdings in Esek, Henry and Arwen worked together often. After three years, in 1210, Henry married Arwen. The next year, His Majesty King Gilbert III reached his majority and ruled in his own right. In recognition of his years of loyal service, King Gilbert III made Henry Earl of Esek- re-activating a title that had been dormant for 70 years. The next year, in 1212, Henry's fourth son, Andrew of Anglebury, was born.   In 1225, King Gilbert III invaded Dunedor in the War of the Crowns. Henry's second son, Alan, was named Count of Esfolk by his father. This was so Alan could lead the Esek contingent in the war (Henry now being in his 70's).   Shortly after the end of the War of the Crowns, in 1227, Henry passed away at age 73. His oldest son, William of Anglebury, was named Earl of Esek. His third son, Geoffrey, took holy orders and joined the Urbian Anerian Church. Andrew, who was now 15, joined his mother as she returned to Telian's Wood.

Lawful Good
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Earl of Esek
1154 1227 73 years old
Aligned Organization
Kingdom of Tolpereth
Previously Held Ranks & Titles

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